At Elite Dynamics we are committed to making a positive contribution to the planet, its people and our communities. As the leading provider of IT business solutions to the park & marina industry, we can help influence change and improve business processes across the industry. For us it’s much more than just ‘doing the right thing’, it’s an integral part of our business and we’re working with partners, customers, and suppliers to drive uptake of more sustainable practices.

Our responsibility

The Government has set out plans for the UK to have net zero carbon emissions by 2050, so pressure is growing on businesses to address their carbon footprint and move towards sustainability. We consider it our responsibility to drive sustainability issues forward and help educate and support the holiday park industry with its sustainability goals and developments, through our IT solutions.

Driving industry change toward net zero by 2050

The park & marina industry is green by nature. Schemes like the David Bellamy Conservation Award have been encouraging park owners to look at and develop eco and environmental policies and practices for decades; from planting more trees on parks, to improving habitats for wildlife, to reducing and recycling waste and other resources.

Our environment

As a fully remote business, we naturally have a low carbon footprint as we all work from home – eliminating travel emissions and the need for a permanent office. We are also actively trying to reduce our need to travel with the introduction of digitised online training and other virtual development and coaching programmes.

Get involved

Together with Play It Green, we have made it easier for park & marina operators to offset their customers’ carbon footprint. Through integration with Play It Green’s climate positive bookings initiative, EliteParks and EliteMarinas enable park & marina operators to make customer bookings climate positive by giving customers the option to plant varying amounts of trees as part of the booking process. Park & marina operators can then view their online Forest Garden to track the number of trees planted.