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Our Customer Relationship Management solution EliteCRM has been developed by our professionals, specifically for the holiday park industry and is built utilising the latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology. That’s why, today we will provide you with all the information you need to compare the benefits of investing in EliteCRM for your holiday park, over the more general business CRM solution, Salesforce.

A brief history of Microsoft and Salesforce
Now, we all know that Microsoft are one of the market leaders in the software and hardware market and have been for 30 years or more. Microsoft’s CRM solution is just one of the many successful software applications that Microsoft have developed and continues to develop over the years.
In comparison, Salesforce has always had a core focus on CRM. Their solution was initially released in 1999 as a ‘sales automatic’ software system. The solution has a particular focus on sales and also provides the business’ with use of analytics, marketing, community engagement and mobile accessibility.
For a brief period, it was believed that Microsoft and Salesforce would combine forces to dominant the market for CRM, but this partnership did not develop and still today they’re each other's main competitor.

Salesforce – Features and Benefits:
Salesforce splits its solution into individual modules, which allows businesses to choose which functions best suit their companies’ needs. The core modules focus on sales, marketing and customer service, while additional modules can be tailor-made for specific and niche business requirements.

The core modules of Salesforce are as follows:

Sales Cloud
Sales Cloud is ideal for managing and utilising leads efficiently. It also has functionality to identify leads more easily and adapt marketing campaigns accordingly to those leads.
The core principles of Sales Cloud are to improve the ability to close more leads, find more reliable leads, accelerate productivity and make decisions with more detailed insights.

The main features of this module are:

• Contact Management
• Opportunity Management
• Lead Management
• Reports and dashboards
• Salesforce mobile
• Email integration
• Salesforce forecasting
• Workflow and approval
• Einstein AI
• Territory management
• Quote-to-cash
• Partner management

Service Cloud
While Sales Cloud is a conversion-driven product, Service Cloud helps to put your customer first. It does this by offering a more convenient and straight forward case management system. This ultimately helps to reduce the time that customer complaints are dealt with, which is important in this modern day.

The main features of this module are:

• Lightning console
• Workflow and approvals
• Case management
• Omni routing
• Telephony integration
• Social customer service
• Custom reports and dashboards
• Assetand order management
• Automatic with macros
• Account and contact management

Marketing Cloud
In this modern world, there are so many options when it comes to marketing techniques, that it can be difficult to choose a solution. Salesforce have developed their solution to offer ‘everything’ a customer may need in reference to marketing. They offer personalised customer journeys across various platforms – from email marketing to social media. There are many features that make up the ‘Marketing Cloud’, here are some of the core features below:
• Social media studio
• Advertising studio
• Mobile studio
• B2C journey management
• B2B marketing automation
• Email studio
• Journey builder

In comparison to Salesforce, which is a more general business CRM, our EliteCRM solution has been specifically developed and is the leading Holiday Park CRM solution in the market. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, EliteCRM is intended to help boost your holiday park sales and improve your customer’s experience by guiding your sales team through the journey of prospect to established customer. EliteCRM includes a wide variety of applications to allow you marketeers to easily create and measure lead generation campaigns for cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Our EliteCRM solution has been developed with many useful core features:

• Cloud based, available anytime, anywhere, on any device
• Automated Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
• Market leading CRM platform with emphasis on a robust and efficient automation engine to alleviate mundane tasks and enrich customer experience
• Friendly and intuitive user interface for all users
• Direct integration with social media including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
• Fully customised and flexible to the customer needs – make it your CRM!
• Fully automated and personalise-able sales processing from lead generation through to sale
• Automated, personalised touch points
• Ability to send post-sale or holiday surveys to help improve future customer service
• Marketing campaign and budget management
• Market leading CRM platform (versus Salesforce, etc)
• 99.9% uptime

Why Choose EliteCRM over Salesforce?
Now, this answer is simple. If you’re in the Holiday Park industry, then our EliteCRM system is tailor-made with your operation’s needs in mind. Our experienced team have developed and configured our system to ensure your sales and marketing teams have everything they need to provide great customer service and manage your customer relationships in the most efficient way. Managing your customer relationships is so important when it comes to your overall success as a holiday park, as this is a very competitive market and you want to ensure you provide your customers with an exceptional overall experience. From booking, to check-out and follow-up reviews, EliteCRM offers your team the full functionality to help make the customer’s journey as relaxing as possible.

For more information, visit the EliteCRM page or get in touch with a member of the team to book a demo.


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