How Automated Processes Can Help Save Time and Money For Your Holiday Park

June 16, 2019

Tools such as EliteParks are making running holiday parks much easier, yet so much time is still wasted on manual tasks in this industry. Automated processes can help cut down on this wasted time in a whole variety of areas, whether it be accounting, CRM, sales, marketing or just general park management. That’s exactly what our range of software solutions set out to do, so we’re going to take a look at exactly how automated processes could help save your park time and money.

Introducing EliteCRM - How would our solution benefit your business?

June 01, 2019

We all know that customers are the core to our business success, and this includes your holiday park. Our solution EliteCRM allows you and your staff to focus completely on your customers’ journey from the get-go.

How the New Elite Packages Are the Full Service You Need for Your Holiday Park

May 10, 2019

Here at Elite Dynamics, we recently launched two new packages to accompany our existing EliteParks park management solution, EliteCRM and EliteFinance, to even further make managing your park as easy as possible. We’re going to take a quick look at each, as well as some of the benefits that they could bring to your park.

Meet The Team - Sadia Farhan - Developer

May 08, 2019

Here at Elite Dynamics, we've been lucky enough to be able to expand our team and welcome in even more fantastic people! We love to get to know everyone and today, we'll be talking to our new developer, Sadia Farhan.

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