Benefits of EliteParks to Your Finance Team

October 16, 2018

EliteParks can help to make every aspect of your park management easier and more efficient, but today we’re going to focus on what it can do to help your finance team. Well, our software is the only solution in the industry which has a fully integrated Financial Management module, built on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central, so that you don’t require a standalone finance system, with everything being brought together in the same application.

Why It’s Easier Than You Think to Change Your Holiday Park Management System

October 16, 2018

One of the key reasons many holiday park owners can be reluctant to switch their park management software is the idea that it can be a slow transition from their existing platform to the new one. While this can be true of some software solutions, it isn’t the case with Elite Dynamics, where we can switch you over from your current platform far quicker than you might think. Here are four reasons why it could be a lot easier to switch than you might think.

How Elite Dynamics Software Helps You Automate Your Marketing

October 08, 2018

No matter what industry you work within, marketing is now more than ever, an essential part of business which helps companies to put their brand, products and services in front of customers. However, do you feel that your business spends too much time on marketing? This is where automation comes in. With automation, you can save time, money and even deliver more accurate and consistent marketing activity. At Elite Dynamics, we know how important this is for our clients, which is why our software helps you to automate your marketing. Read on to find out how.

Meet the Team - Lakshmi Rajagoplala - Software Developer

August 29, 2018

We’ve been meeting different members of the Elite Dynamics team over the past few months, so today, we’ll be talking to software developer, Lakshmi Rajagoplala.

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