Streamlined various disparate systems into one platform.

Bespoke management solution created for Habitat Escapes is best fit for the business.

Elite Dynamics solution suite enables more sustainable business processes.

Habitat First Group, operating holiday resorts in The Cotswolds and Dorset, experienced a significant increase in plot sales in 2020 despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The resorts offer high-end lakeside properties, and the demand for rentals and property maintenance led to the creation of related services. The company sought a software solution to streamline its diverse businesses and chose Elite Dynamics to integrate their disparate systems into one platform.

The decision was influenced by Elite Dynamics’ flexibility and continuous improvement. Habitat First Group’s long-term vision, commitment to ecological goals, and carbon-neutral aspirations align with the technological support provided by Elite Dynamics, which includes centralised systems to reduce paperwork and enhance staff efficiency.

The challenges

  • Big increase in plot sales during 2020 despite the COVID pandemic. Constant growth and the need to future-proof each of the businesses due to high reservation levels.
  • Unique mix of high-end lakeside properties with different types of accommodations. Evolving from a hands-off approach to providing rental, cleaning, and maintenance services due to customer demand.
  • Historically separate businesses within the Habitat First Group. The need to streamline disparate systems into one platform for better efficiency and to support growth.
  • The unique model of Habitat's resorts requires long-term planning, with Silverlake expected to grow for up to the next 40 years. They needed to find a solution that could support growth and be relevant for 20 years or more.
  • The commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 which includes switching to a centralised system to improve processes and reduce reliance on paperwork.
  • Meeting customer expectations by providing online access to information and embracing technology for efficient property management.
  • Streamlining processes between teams to reduce paperwork and replication, making staff's working lives easier and more enjoyable.
  • Adapting to changing customer behaviours, intensified by the impact of COVID and moving away from traditional methods, such as printing brochures, and adopting technology to meet current expectations.
Solutions implemented

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holiday resorts in the Cotswolds


saw a significant increase in plot sales


committed to being carbon neutral

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Historically all of the Habitat First Group businesses have been quite separate. People bought a plot of land to build a house and we built some facilities, but that aside, we had a very hands- off approach. However, increasingly we found that owners were coming to us for help with renting their properties and arranging for them to be cleaned.

Red Paxton, Director,

Habitat Escapes

As such our rental, cleaning and maintenance arms were borne from customer demand.

We’re kind of on our own in terms of the quality and building with nature ethos, architecture and community. There’s nowhere else in the UK – in the world actually – where you’ve got an eclectic mix of architecture all designed by some of the best British architects.

One of the reasons we’re selling so many of these plots right now is that people want to be closer to nature and have space, security and a safe base to escape to with their families. That’s been the big shift during these lockdowns.

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