EliteAcademy allowed effective remote training and implementation during lockdown.

Moved away from several disjointed solutions and spreadsheets to ‘one system that does it all’.

Report automation enables Maguires to plan for the next season and continue to grow.

Maguires Country Parks was established 1981 and now has eight 5-star parks across County Durham, Northumberland and North Yorkshire.

Their transition to EliteParks IT business solution, EliteCRM Gold, and Continua Document Output was completed within three months, going live on 1st April 2021. The selection process began in autumn 2020, with Maguires ultimately choosing Elite Dynamics in December.

Lianne Stephenson, Systems Accountant, led the project, emphasising the importance of having a dedicated project leader and advising against adapting the new system to existing processes. She also highlighted the challenge of managing data, recommended focusing on key aspects, urged patience in adjusting to the new software, and emphasized the value of training

The challenges

  • The project had a tight timeline, with a three-month period for implementation. Meeting key project deadlines was crucial for the successful launch on the planned go-live date.
  • The importance of having a dedicated person lead the project, emphasising the challenges when managing the project alongside regular daily responsibilities.
  • The unusual circumstance of conducting training during lockdown. There was a reliance on video-oriented training and virtual communication tools due to the inability to meet the training team in person.
Solutions implemented

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5-star parks across 3 counties


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When changing over to a new software provider, a lot of companies make the mistake of trying to make the new system adapt to the processes you already have. When I’ve been involved in similar projects, you end up trying to adapt the system to do what you’ve always done.

Lianne Stephenson, Systems Accountant,

Maguires Country Parks

That shouldn’t be the aim as then you’re defeating the purpose of transferring to a better solution in the first place. Sometimes, this can also be where you have issues as you’re changing the system to a bit of a hybrid. Yes, the team at Elite Dynamics are happy to organise any modification you need as the software has that flexibility, but we tried to come at it from the other side to really look at getting the most from the solution.

Before we went live, we were in full lockdown, so the training was a bit different, but it worked. We hadn’t met any of the Elite Dynamics team in person, which was unusual... but in essence, that’s the way things are going. With much of the training being video orientated (EliteAcademy), you could watch it over and over again if you needed to, going at your own pace.

Internally we decided to carry out our training in a very similar way to how Elite Dynamics were training us. We made the most of the videos, used Microsoft Teams, and the people that were trained up then trained others on parks. I think it’s a testament to the Elite Dynamics team and the software, that everyone is happy using it.

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