EliteManufacturers gave Pemberton the tools to easily and efficiently analyse performance.

Our software ensures the care and attention to detail that Pemberton is known for.

Took customer service to a whole new level, with real time reporting and analysis.

Elite Dynamics expanded its IT solutions to include holiday home manufacturing with the signing of Pemberton Park & Leisure Homes.

Pemberton is the first to adopt the ‘EliteManufacturers’ solution, our operational platform integrating Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Field Service built on Microsoft Dynamics 365. The cloud-based, mobile-enabled software provides real-time access to customer aftersales analysis, reporting information, and engineer job allocation.

‘EliteManufacturers’ aims to enhance communication and relationships throughout the manufacturing process, addressing the high demand for holiday homes in the UK. Pemberton’s IT Manager, Tom Foster, highlights the software’s automation benefits for aftersales services and performance analysis that will significantly improve business performance

The challenges

  • The holiday and residential parks industry experienced a record-high demand for caravans and holiday homes in 2021.
  • Manufacturers face the challenge of keeping up with growing waiting lists from parks and direct customers.
  • Managing workload, engineers, and aftersales is crucial for Pemberton, who are building hundreds of units a year.
  • There is a focus on improving communication and relationships with customers, from the initial design stage through shop floor production to aftersales service.
  • Automated communication triggers are highlighted as necessary for sending notifications to customers, suppliers, field engineers, and back-office teams.
  • There was a huge demand for real-time access to customer aftersales analysis, real-time reporting information, and real-time engineer job allocation.
  • The customer expresses the need to move away from paper-based systems to a centralised portal for internal teams, engineers, and customers.
  • They needed to be able to analyse and report on business performance using the wealth of data provided by their software, which included how long it took to close a specific case or to get an engineer out.
Solutions implemented

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Being in the industry, we were already aware of the services Elite Dynamics provided to holiday parks. So when they were launching specific products for manufacturers, we wanted to be first to find out more.

Tom Foster, IT Manager,

Pemberton Park & Leisure Homes

The biggest pull for us is being able to manage and automate our aftersales service. By moving away from paper-based systems to bring everything together in one portal for internal teams, engineers and customers, we are improving processes and really delivering on customer service.

The demand on manufacturers has never been as high, so it’s crucial for the technology to be on-point to ease any pressure, particularly across busy customer service and aftersales teams. Pemberton are building hundreds of units a year so they need to be able to manage workload, manage engineers and manage aftersales, with automated communication triggers that can be sent to customers, suppliers, field
engineers and back-office teams. They also need the tools to easily and efficiently analyse how they are performing and monitor customer satisfaction, which can be collated using automated surveys. ‘EliteManufacturers’ manages the delivery journey from start to finish.

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