EliteParks provides Vale with real-time dynamic information, enabling more informed decisions.

Ability to scale the business alongside Elite Dynamics solutions.

EliteCRM enabled Vale to boost sales and improve the customer experience.

Thomas Scarrott, the Director and co-owner, initiated a switch to Elite Dynamics after realising its alignment with their needs.

Vale’s proactive approach involved park managers taking responsibility for transferring their data, ensuring staff buy-in to the company’s new IT solution. The integration of EliteParks aims to provide real-time dynamic information, enhance efficiency, and increase collaboration across departments.

The challenges

  • Recognised the need for a new holiday park management system as they were outgrowing their existing one.
  • Challenge in getting staff onboard with the new system.
  • Family business structure with staff often responsible for multiple roles.
  • Emphasised the importance of staff understanding the system's architecture and benefits.
  • Transitioning from fragmented processes using multiple software solutions.
  • Integrating various departments to work seamlessly within a new ERP system.
  • Perception of the holiday park industry as lagging behind in technology adoption.
  • Resistance among family-owned businesses to change from traditional systems they are comfortable with.
Solutions implemented

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founded their first holiday park


generation family business


years of significant growth

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I realised pretty soon that the Elite Dynamics system was everything we were looking for. And if we were going to develop a system and had the capacity to do it right, we would design it in exactly the same way that Elite designed their system.

Thomas Scarrott, Director,

Vale Holiday Parks

We could have just told everyone – ok, here’s a brand new all-singing, all-dancing system with your data in it – just carry on. However, by them taking ultimate responsibility for transferring their own data, it gave them insight and knowledge into the architecture of the system, why it works in the way it does, and how it’s going to make their lives easier in the long run.

Elite have adapted to our way of working and the one thing I’ve always felt with the Elite Dynamics team is the way they make you feel as if you are their only customer. It’s great. I know they’ve got other customers and other projects on the go, but you can contact them pretty much anytime you want, and they will always get back to you and always with the response you need.

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