Innovative Marina Management Software built-on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Technology.

Designed exclusively for marina operators, EliteMarinas will meet business management needs across marinas of any size.

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What's included in EliteMarinas?

Gain full control and visibility over your marina to always ensure that everything happens when it needs to happen.

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Avoid double-booking and other common booking related issues whilst ensuring your customers always receive the best service possible.

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Gain full visibility and control over the sales cycle, allowing your salespeople to effectively manage all existing deals and ensuring that your customers are always best taken care of at each stage.

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Analyse your revenue and costs by marina and department with transparent, readily available real-time budget and profit performance at all dimensional levels.

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Empower your sales and marketing teams to segment customers and prospective customers resulting in more targeted, relevant, and personalised campaigns.

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Streamline your maintenance operations by mobilising your teams, saving you time and money, and promoting cross-departmental collaborative working.

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Streamline your cleaning and housekeeping operations saving you time and money and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Free up more time to focus on the Berth Holders themselves or add productivity elsewhere across the business.

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Give your event organisers the tools and confidence to plan events with precision and execute with the utmost business efficiency.

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If you’re comfortable with the Indicative Price Illustration, we’ll visit your business and conduct a series of Business Process Analysis workshops with your team. This allows us to walk through you processes and map them to the functionality of the solution, ensuring that the proposed solution will fit your business and deliver to your stated objectives.


Once step 4 is complete, we’ll produce a business proposal for you to review with your team which includes the commercials, the delivery scope, and high-level project plan. After contracts are signed, we’ll organise a project kick-off meeting where you will be formally handed over to the implementation team.


By joining the Elite Community, you are now part of a very special group of businesses in the park & marina industry, who all share the same enthusiasm for world-class Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology.

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Supporting solutions that can be added to EliteMarinas include

Our app has been designed to strengthen the relationship between you and your owners, offering an easy way to manage their account.


A comprehensive tailored training, support, and mentoring programme for operators, manufacturers and dealers in the park & marina industry.


EliteAnalytics is a powerful cloud-based business intelligence tool that assists park and marina businesses in visualising their data with coherent, immersive, and interactive insight, enabling them to make informed decisions. It is an all-in-one, convenient, and easy to use solution.


EliteCRM brings sales, marketing and customer service together for more relevant, valuable and productive customer insight.


Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, EliteFinance is an all-in-one business management application.


EliteApps provides mobile automation for efficient daily operations across your site.


EliteInsights is a benchmarking tool enabling users to compare their aggregated data against industry averages to better understand their own business’ position.


EliteH&S is a customisable platform covering all aspects of Health & Safety within your business, configured to your exact needs. From Safety Inspections, Risk Assessments and Accident Reports.


Innovate your daily processes and maximise efficiency with AI powered solutions for your holiday park or marina.


The benefits

A simple, fully integrated system that can be used from any device, from any location, at any time.

One IT business solution that manages all the sales, operational and financial processes across a marina business.

EliteMarinas comes with the added credibility of being hosted on Microsoft Azure servers and built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology.

Being fully endorsed by Microsoft gives EliteMarinas the forefront in the industry and offers marina customers assurance that our software is robust and rich with functionally.

EliteMarinas removes the need for multiple systems with labour intensive data entry, duplication, and reconciliation. Resulting in an enhanced customer journey, more productive and happier team members, and improved business performance.

A range of integrations are available as added extras; such as OTA (Online Travel Agents), EPOS, ANPR, DocuSign, Merchant Services; all with the aim of boosting operational efficiency.

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Our software at a glance

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How we help our customers

The one thing I’ve always felt with the Elite Dynamics team is that they make you feel as if you’re their only customer. That’s a great thing. You can always contact them anytime you want and they will always get back to you and always with the response you need.

Thomas Scarrott

Vale Holiday Parks

We didn’t just choose Elite Dynamics because they offer a great system, it’s the best software to fit our longer-term business growth. We knew the software would scale and expand with the business. Now, no matter how big the parks grow or if we acquire more parks, the system and accounting package is already in place and we’ll build from there.

Adrian Gleave

Encore Parks

We chose Elite Dynamics for several reasons but ultimately, we recognise they provide the leading UK based IT solution for the holiday park industry. EliteParks with its enhanced functionality has the flexibility to manage all our business processes and activities in one system.

Claire Lloyd

Darwin Escapes

Knowledge hub


Does EliteMarinas allow for online bookings and owner payments?

Yes. The EliteMarinas solution ships with fully functional APIs to link to your own website or to 3rd party booking agents. Additionally, you have the option of using the out of the box online booking portal that can be embedded into your EliteMarinas solution.

Does the EliteMarinas system have a finance package?

Yes. EliteMarinas sits on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform (formally NAV) and is the only solution on the market to have a fully integrated finance module.

If we purchase another marina after we go live with EliteMarinas, is there a way to add the data to EliteMarinas without manual input?

Yes, we have a Data Import Wizard that eases the bulk import of financial and operational data. Elite Dynamics will provide you with a Data Import Template excel file that can be populated and imported into EliteMarinas. This includes data such as Plots, Units, Customers, Meter Readings, Vendors, Opening Balances etc.

Can EliteMarinas store marketing preferences in-line with GDPR?

Yes, EliteMarinas marketing preferences are customisable to suit the business. Marketing products (holiday sales, memberships, etc) and communication types (direct mail, SMS, etc) are configurable and the opt in/opt out for each combination is stored against the contact in EliteMarinas.

Does EliteMarinas conform with Making Tax Digital?

Yes, of course. Microsoft have passed the MTD HMRC compliancy tests for Dynamics 365 Business Central being MTD compliant. Elite Dynamics have integrated this into the EliteMarinas solution.

How does EliteMarinas account for owners subletting out their units if we collect the revenue and charge a fee?

EliteMarinas has a flexible solution for sublet bookings, to allow the operator to account for monies collected on behalf of owners and make repayments with a choice of administration cost rules. For example, you can charge the owner a percentage of the booking or a fixed cost per booking.

Can we get scanned or emailed documents from our customers and suppliers saved in a PDF or email format, so that they are accessible from within EliteMarinas and linked to related invoices or quotes?

EliteMarinas offers the functionality to easily include documents in formats using simple methods such as drag and drop, or a one-step upload by which that document will be safely archived and linked to the system transaction in one easy step.

We would like to be able to track our customer engagement through the system from their first contact with us, to the point where they are booking a holiday or buying a boat. Can this customer engagement be tracked through every stage of a customer’s journey?

EliteMarinas software incorporates a seamless experience from the point that a customer reaches out to your company as a response to a specific marketing campaign or via a search for what you are offering. each customer journey is progressed through a sales and marketing management software (CRM) and are processed through to becoming your satisfied continued customer either through holiday bookings or a purchase of a boat, and the use of any other facilities you have to offer.

Our business runs fully on Office365, is this something we will be able to use with EliteMarinas?

EliteMarinas is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology and allows for complete integration of Microsoft Office 365 to give you full control of your entire business operation.

Can we integrate EliteMarinas with our website and online booking portal?

Yes, we have out of the box APIs for both bookings and owners, which allows for any 3rd party website integration with the EliteMarinas solution.

Can EliteMarinas be hosted locally or is it hosted in the cloud?

Both. EliteMarinas can be hosted on your own hardware, or we can provide a SaaS solution with a cloud deployment – whichever option best suits your current infrastructure. We will discuss this with you at the initial consultation meeting. Most of our customers have a SaaS solution.

What devices can EliteMarinas be used on?

EliteMarinas can be accessed on a PC or laptop via a web browser; or on a tablet or mobile device via a native app. All that is needed is an internet connection, and EliteMarinas can be accessed securely from any location at any time.

Does EliteMarinas handle special offers on bookings?

Yes, EliteMarinas has ability to apply special offers against bookings that allow for a percentage off, fixed amount off, or a fixed holiday price. With the dynamic pricing functionality, you also have ability to increase the price of the holiday as your occupancy levels reach their maximum.

Does EliteMarinas handle fixed assets?

Yes, EliteMarinas has a fixed asset module that is integrated into the hire fleet management, as well as the financial ledgers.

How does EliteMarinas handle marina maintenance issues?

EliteMarinas has a maintenance job module where both marinas maintenance and customer after sales jobs can be recorded, allocated and managed efficiently. Sales invoices can be raised directly from the job to the owner for chargeable work and the module has the option of being linked to inventory allowing you to manage stock levels of key maintenance items.

Can purchase orders go through an approval system in EliteMarinas?

Yes, EliteMarinas has configurable approval workflows that can be allocated to purchase documents. Each user can be configured to have a certain level of authorisation and when the purchase order hits that user’s limit, the manager will receive a request to authorise the order before it is released to the supplier. If the approval request is rejected by the manager, then the user will receive an email notification.

Do I still need my current finance system?

EliteMarinas is the only solution on the market with a fully integrated accredited accounts package. So as a marina operator you have the option to replace your existing accounts package with EliteMarinas to create maximum efficiency and return. However, if you have a compelling reason to keep your current accounts package, we can provide a link between EliteMarinas and your finance system.

Is EliteMarinas available from the Cloud?

Yes, EliteMarinas can be deployed in the Cloud on Microsoft secure platform, or it can be loaded onto an in-house server. Whichever deployment option is chosen, EliteMarinas is accessed via a web browser from you PC, tablet device or smart phone.

Do you have an owners’ portal where owners can log in and pay invoices?

Yes, we have two options with regards to providing owners access to manage their account. The first is via our Owners API which will provide your digital agency the functionality to connect your website directly to EliteMarinas. The second is via our EliteOwners mobile app which enables you to automate invoicing to your owners, notifies them when payments are due and allows payments to be processed. EliteOwners is a supporting solution of EliteMarinas, designed to enable your owners to self-serve and manage their own accounts.

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