External Event
26th – 26th June 2024

Introduction to Bankfeed

Date: Wednesday 26th – Wednesday 26th June 2024

Time: 11:00 am – 11:30 am

Duration: 30 minutes

Our partners at Bankfeed join us to showcase how to save time by automating payment management with their solution, integrating with EliteParks and EliteMarinas.

Why do accountants and business managers love Bankfeed?

  • Significantly less manual work due to the automatic bank statement import and payment reconciliation
  • No more errors: Bankfeed automatically and accurately matches payments with invoices
  • Faster order execution because of the real-time payment information in Business Central: no need to log into banks
  • Works with over 2300+ banks and payment platforms (Kevin, Klarna, etc.), including 105 in the UK

In this webcast they will show you:

  • Learn how automatic bank statement import can save hours of manual work
  • Watch how Bankfeed automatically and accurately recognises payments and reconciles them with invoices, eliminating human errors
  • Discover how having real-time payment data speeds up your daily processes

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