5 Signs That It Is Time To Move To A New Park Management Solution

5 Signs That It Is Time To Move To A New Park Management Solution

The holiday park industry is extremely tough due to the fact that it’s so culturally ingrained into our country, yet still so competitive.

Location, size, price, and amenities are all huge ranking factors when it comes to which parks come out on top, but park management solutions should never play second fiddle either.

That being said, it can be difficult to know when it’s time to move on from your current management solution, so we’ve put together this guide to give you some pointers and maybe even the push you need to start thinking about your management solution options.

You get customer complaints about booking

Getting customer complaints regarding ease of booking should be a major alarm bell and, if you can relate to this, it may be time to find a new park management system.

A good, up-to-date park management system should make the booking process easier for customers and staff alike, thus increasing the chances of customer conversions. If your management system is poorly organised, customers will be less likely to book and may take the time to complain about these issues.

Whilst getting customer complaints can be tough to deal with, it’s important you tackle the situation head on and solve any problems through updating your system. Plus, whilst you’re taking the steps to address these concerns, you can use this guide to help you face the complaints in the meantime.

Your sales, management, finance, and other teams aren’t streamlined

A seamless transition throughout each stage of the buyer’s journey can improve customer experience and make your staff’s work much easier, by making the process as streamlined as possible.

One of the biggest benefits of our EliteParks holiday park management solution is that it really ensures that each part of your team is able to work together to achieve their goals, being beneficial for both staff and customers.

Making sure that your teams are streamlined is really important for your holiday park business, in order to minimise any mistakes or inefficient working, and, if your current management solution isn’t up to scratch in this area, it’s probably time to move on.

Your park’s value is decreasing or plateauing

If you’re not seeing much increase (or worse, you’re seeing a decrease!) in your holiday park’s value, it’s probably time that you move on to a different management solution.

There are tales of holiday parks increasing by millions of pounds in value within only 18 months of switching to a new solution, so that’s one of the first things you should consider if you’re having this problem.

A business’ value can be determined by many factors, two of those being customer satisfaction and seamless service across its various teams, and a top of the range holiday park management system can help to achieve that for you.

You feel as though other holiday parks are a few steps ahead of you

In the holiday park industry, being ahead of the game is really important. Competition is tough and, whilst it’s normal to feel as though you are falling behind every so often, feeling like this continually usually means that something is wrong.

Take a look at the park management solution you’re using: is it outdated? Is it no longer the best on the market? Have other holiday parks moved to a different solution and are they seeing better results?

Park management systems can feel like a huge purchase so it is important that you choose one that brings added value to each and every department, then it actually becomes a worthwhile investments that can get you back up to speed with your competitors.

You are unhappy with your current park management solution

If you find yourself becoming unhappy or frustrated with your current park management solution, that’s a sure sign that you should be moving on.

It’s natural to want what’s best for your business and updating something as important as a management solution can really help you out

If you want to find out more about Elite Dynamics, the work we do, and how we can help your business, feel free to contact us at any time.

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