Are you ready for GDPR? 5 Ways EliteParks Supports Your Holiday Park

Are you ready for GDPR? 5 Ways EliteParks Supports Your Holiday Park

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) are the talk of the data and marketing town currently with a lot of advice and speculation on offer that broadly covers how you can aim to follow the new regulations come 25th May. But what about the solution that helps you completely cover all the bases when it comes to data policy at your holiday park. With a hefty fine threatened for anyone who breaks the new regulations, companies of all sizes will need to demonstrate their compliance as simply as possible.

As part of our continual investment into the EliteParks system, we are proud of offer a simple solution which allows the efficient management of your customer data in line with GDPR.

The key elements of GDPR cover how you store, collect and use customer data in the day-to-day running of your business. So it makes perfect sense to have the ease of controlling this as part of your normal management of holiday park operations. Here’s 5 ways we can support your business ahead of the new regulations.

  • Supporting your day-to-day marketing
    A crucial part of any holiday park’s day to day operation is the marketing of the main product including new features, special offers and general news stories. Whether you contact customers through email, phone or direct through their letterbox, the task of monitoring the use of data can seem huge at first.However, with EliteParks, you will be able to have fully control over all your communication in a number of ways, to ensure you can view every campaign in granular detail and control which customers hear from you now and in the future.
  • Simple & rewarding customer opt-in process
    There’s no need to invest in separate marketing software, when EliteParks allows you to create and manage all direct to customer communications. Part of this feature allows you to offer clear opt-in/opt-out choices in all communications.In addition to this, you will be able to create highly detailed customer segments for those that actively choose to ‘opt-in’ for the future. For example, if a group of customers have routinely booked a number of stays at the same park, you will be able to create a tailored contact list ensuring those customers get the updates and information about their favourite park.By making the benefits of opting in more relevant to the customer through detailed segmentation, you will potentially unlock more information from the customer data you collect, which in turn, can lead to the further growth of your park.
  • Ensuring up-to-date preferences and upholding the right to be forgotten
    Providing a customer choose to receive your future communications, you will be able to use EliteParks to easily record up to date contact preferences. If a contact does change any of their details, you will also be able to see when this took place and the method they used to change their details.Should someone decide to no longer receive any future communication from your holiday park, you will, at the touch of a button, be able to depersonalise an individual’s contact details to support their “right to be forgotten”.
  • Capture the interests of new customers
    As well as providing relevant communications for existing customers, EliteParks will also allow you to be able to stand out to new customers. Within your website, you will be able to offer a breakdown of all the communication on offer from your holiday park to ensure the right message gets to the right person every time. Once a new customer or visitor has made their choice, you will easily be able to understand why you communicate with them, should they ever ask why they receive your emails.
  • Use data to create product and revenue groups
    As well as the support of your own marketing efforts, the data tools within EliteParks support the customisation of your key products, services and contacts. We wanted to ensure any EliteParks user has the ability to create distinct groups for such as holiday homes, revenue types, home owners and more.While you may lose access to some customer data, you will be able to utilise EliteParks to create fantastic, tailored communication, likely to add more reason for customers to sign up to hear from you.

As a park owner or manager, you will be able to rest assured that EliteParks is also built on the GDPR ready Microsoft Dynamics platform that provides secure cloud based storage that you can rely on. Plus, with industry leading functionalities on offer, there is no better time to request a demo from the fantastic team at Elite Dynamics.

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