Benefits of EliteParks to Your Sales Team

Benefits of EliteParks to Your Sales Team

Our EliteParks software can assist you in many areas of your holiday park management, including making bookings, individual departments, and the park itself, as well as helping keep park finances in check.

But today, we’re going to be taking a quick look at how EliteParks could be making the lives of your sales team a lot easier. Given 2019 looks to be another fantastic year for the holiday parks industry, there’s no better time than now to provide your sales team with the tools they need to succeed.

Deal Stacker

One of the main functions of the EliteParks software is the ‘deal stacker’, which allows your sales team to either process new sales, or quickly and easily prepare a quote for any prospective guests.

The deal stacker records all the important data throughout the sales process, such as the name/number of the unit, the plot, financial information, details of buy-in or part-exchanges, as well as any extras and documentation. All designed to keep you fully compliant with FCA regulations.

With the deal stacker, your sales team have a great overview to hand with access to information such as the sales margins, considering the cost variables and extras, as well as allowing them to take deposits from prospective or existing owners. Everything is centrally managed, with functionality to sending deals to management for final authorisation too.

You can also stay on top of any special terms like future promotional site fee discounts or sales incentive offers, which can be automatically added and displayed on any printed sales/purchase agreements too.

EliteParks’s user-friendly interface of the deal stacker, offers increased visibility and control throughout, simplifying the sales process for your team, leading to reduced cancelled sales and protected margins!

Lead Management

EliteParks also includes a lead management module, which allows to you make the most of any potential new business and convert them into guests and holiday home owners.

This module helps to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, with a list of features including stage and status management for pipeline funnel reporting, integration to Microsoft Outlook to prompt call-backs and appointments and full visibility of previous interactions.

Ultimately, the EliteParks lead management module doesn’t just focus on securing more leads for your park, but it also helps to ensure lead quality, increasing the prospect of successful sales conversions. When all is said and done for the day, you can rely on EliteParks to be ready to effectively report on your lead management to help you build a strong sales team that you can rely on in the future.

Document Management

Of course, your sales team have to deal with lots of paperwork to make sure that all your sales are fully compliant with the relevant authorities and GDPR.

This is why the EliteParks software makes sure that all of your relevant customer documents can be uploaded into the deal stacker and stored alongside the customer’s record, making them easy to retrieve if and when you should ever need them.

If you want to learn more about how EliteParks can help your sales team and overall park management operation,  click here to request a no-obligation demo.

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