Can Your Choice Of Software Solution Increase The Value Of Your Park?

Can Your Choice Of Software Solution Increase The Value Of Your Park?

The value of a business can be based on many different factors; some may see value as the popularity of the product or service being sold or perhaps the opportunity for profitable growth.

Others may base a business’ value on the sustainability of its earnings and the quality of the profits being made. However, often overlooked, a great reputation for seamless service quality customer satisfaction can also add huge value to your business as consumer satisfaction is one of the most valuable parts of a business. Due to this, we can safely say to holiday park owners: yes, your choice of software solution can definitely increase the value of your park and, if you’re still not convinced, there are examples to support this claim.

Nigel Wimpenny, Managing Director at Lakeland Leisure Group, has noted the impact of his implementation of an IT system at South Lakeland Parks (now owned by Park Dean Resorts) which, like EliteParks, brought every aspect of the business together under one roof.

Thereafter, each part of the team, from holiday reservations to park sales and finance, was streamlined, ensuring that the whole team could work together. This eliminated errors and provided consumers with faster and more accurate management information so, when a sale was made, the accounting ledgers were updated accordingly.

The implementation of a complete holiday park software solution certainly added more value to the business as the overall team and processes were found to be much more efficient.

Wimpenny also noted another major benefit: “We were able to grow market share during the years of the recession and credit crunch between 2009 and 2012 by using the CRM functionality to target marketing activity and monitor the effectiveness of sales campaigns”.

“Implementing an ERP solution can be a cathartic experience. It caused us to examine all our internal processes. The system didn’t dictate or enforce unwanted change but it challenged the status quo and made us consider best practice.” “It also helped to define the roles of employees which enabled our HR function to formulate reward structures to encourage performance and behaviour that promoted the company’s objectives.”

Wimpenny’s efforts surely paid off, too. In 2005, South Lakeland Parks was bought for £95m but the same group of parks was sold for a cool £125m only 18 months later – if that’s not adding value through strategic IT investment, we don’t know what is!

You may even find that your choice of software solution may take some of the pressure off you as a holiday park owner and the rest of the team. Wimpenny has claimed that he certainly saw some positive effects as CEO from implementing a new software:  “As the CEO I felt comfortable that, with a holiday park system, I had my finger on the pulse and was aware in real time of what was happening across a multi-site business. And when detailed due diligence was required from third parties the system provided a level of analysis that satisfied the most thorough information requests.”

With EliteParks, you can ensure that your needs are thoroughly dealt with. It can help you with everything from capturing and managing leads, staying in control of your finances, and park management to speeding up the sales process and managing promotions and special offers.

Wrapping up all these elements (and more!) and giving you an all-in-one solution, EliteParks is the most advanced holiday park management system to date brought to you by a team of experts.

At EliteDynamics, we want to ensure that all of our customers feel like part of the family, so why not meet the team on our blog?

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