Customer Spotlight – Great Blue Resorts

Customer Spotlight – Great Blue Resorts

Here at Elite Dynamics, we’re keen to share with you a little bit more insight into our customers and how our solutions benefit them on an individual basis. To give you a little bit more of an idea of the sorts of scenarios our customers find themselves in that lead to them trying out our products, we wanted to share some stories from some of our top clients!

Today we bring you an interview with Jennie Lees, EliteParks Systems Manager of Great Blue Resorts!

Hi Jennie, thank you for speaking to us about your Group! Could you give us a brief overview of your company and history?
“We were founded in 2008 and have developed as a growing resort management company. We have grown quickly over the years and now have a total of 9 resorts across Southern Ontario, all of which have both rental and holiday programs. We manage the whole process of rentals and holidays on our resorts.”

That sounds fantastic! So which system(s) were you using before EliteParks?
“Prior to investing in EliteParks we were using a solution called “RDP”.”

From using that solution, was there any particular event that lead you to start exploring a change in holiday park software?
“We were hoping to find an easy-to-use, well-rounded management solution, to include everything in one place. This was really important to us.”

What was the key justification behind going ahead and changing the software?
“Due to the constant growth of our holiday park, we wanted a system which would grow with us, rather than hold us back in the future.”

How does the EliteParks software compare with your previous system(s)?
“A much more advanced solution, with more options and functionalities. It even allows us to manipulate the solution in a way which will work for us.”

That’s great! And which departments in your business utilise the EliteParks solution?
“All departments currently utilise the solution, including our accounting, reservations, owners, properties and sales teams. We even have our website integrated too!”

Fantastic! And how helpful have Elite Dynamics been with supporting your team with the software?
“We found Elite Dynamics to be very helpful. They have dealt with a huge amount of work in supporting us with the implementation and still offer good ongoing support whenever we need it.”

That’s great to hear! And what kind of success have you enjoyed since implementing the EliteParks software?
“We have definitely benefited from more reporting functionality. We are still trying to get fully comfortable at the moment but our communication has certainly improved. We have found it very beneficial having everything all in one place too. Also, we love the fact that you can manage and control the permissions, where certain people can read but not edit data, if these permissions are set. This really helps us ensure we have a secure data base.”

Which feature of our product has been the most appealing for you?
“We all love the fact that everything is all in one system. It makes processes and daily tasks a lot easier for us across the company. We also love that you can use different filters to pull in what information we want to see. This really helps with reporting and lets us zone in one certain information.”

What was the initial reaction to our product by your team?
“At first it was a bit scary for them due to the change, but once they got to used it was very user friendly. We are now on the 3rdyear of using your solution and everyone is a lot more comfortable and are really enjoying using this system.”

That’s great! And if relevant, do you have any plans to implement our solution across other parks in your portfolio in the future?
“We will be implementing our newest resort with your solution soon. This means that EliteParks will be used across all of our resorts very soon!”

Fantastic, we can’t wait to see what great results you see using EliteParks going forward! Thanks for speaking with us today, Jennie.

If you’d like to find out more about how EliteParks could help to benefit your own business, please do get in touch with us to request a demo so we can show you what it’s all about!

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