EliteH&S: Transforming Health and Safety Management at Lady’s Mile Holiday Park

We know how passionate the team at Elite Dynamics are…we knew they would be able to deliver.”

Cerys Cross – HR Manager, Lady’s Mile Holiday Park

Frustrated with the industry-standard software, Lady’s Mile Holiday Park reached out to Elite Dynamics for a solution. With over 50 Health & Safety software solutions available on the market, why did they choose Elite Dynamics?

“We actually didn’t consider looking at other software providers. We know how passionate the team at Elite Dynamics are, and after taking on a number of Elite Dynamics solutions, we knew they would be able to deliver. There is a strong relationship between us and we know they understand our business.”

Lady’s Mile Holiday Park is a 3rd generation family-run business in South Devon, welcoming over 55,000 guests in 2023, so Health and Safety is always at the forefront of the park’s operations.

Given the diverse range of facilities typically found in holiday parks, effective health and safety management is essential to prevent accidents, minimise risks, and create a safe environment for everyone. However, the systems Lady’s Mile were using were inefficient and required constant manual oversight, making it clear that an upgrade was necessary. EliteH&S offers a more streamlined and user-friendly solution, saving both time and money.

How did EliteH&S benefit the business?

Before beginning their journey, Lady’s Mile relied on two inefficient systems that required constant supervision.

“No regrets – it’s going to be much better. It’s much more usable than the previous systems we had in place”

With EliteH&S, teams can work more efficiently out of the office on any device. Reports are available through an intuitive dashboard that is updated in real time. In contrast, EliteH&S provided a reliable dashboarding system and made defect tracking straightforward, with key areas clearly displayed, making monitoring of the Health and Safety operations easy.  On-park personnel can make adjustments to their safety inspections, risk assessments and accident reports whenever changes are required – no more email chains or change log submissions. Quite the change.

Working with Elite Dynamics was a positive experience for Lady’s Mile. Andrew from Elite Dynamics played a crucial role in understanding and addressing their pain points.

Andrew was lovely and enthusiastic. He understood the pain points, listened to what we wanted and needed, and used his technical expertise to work the problems out. Not a single requirement was left off the table – no compromises.”

By choosing Elite Dynamics, Lady’s Mile Holiday Park has embraced a future of enhanced health and safety management. The collaboration has not only solved their immediate issues but also positioned them ahead of the curve in industry standards.

Watch our latest webcast on EliteH&S here: Introduction to EliteH&S



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