Enable secure, contactless check-ins for your customers

We expect that easing the safety concerns of your holidaymakers during the current climate is top of your holiday park’s priority list.

With social distancing and minimal face-to-face contact likely to be around for a while, ensuring customers and staff come into contact with as few people as possible will become a key part of your park’s operation.

Contactless check-in is a brilliant way to support this, reassuring visitors that they can safely holiday in your park; reducing the likelihood of reception queues during busier arrival times.

Contactless check-in has been implemented in many hotels and holiday parks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as it allows them to adhere to the health and safety guidelines. However, this type of check-in has been around for years.

In fact, in a 2015 study by Software Advice, 60% of guests said they’d rather book somewhere that offers mobile check-in. However, the need has become much more pressing today, as it’s now mandatory to limit the amount of contact guests have with your parks team members.

And even though the COVID-19 pandemic will end one day, contactless check-in is here to stay. It’s a solution all holiday parks should consider implementing permanently and there are many reasons for that.

Go Contactless with EliteParks

Built on, and powered by the latest Microsoft Dynamics technology, our holiday park software EliteParks and EliteCRM is accessible anywhere, from any device – so it is only natural that they would support contactless check-in for your guests.

Visitors can check-in safely and quickly upon arrival, using any handheld device – whether that is their mobile phone or tablet. Contactless check-in allows guests to bypass reception and go straight to their accommodation: all you need to do is communicate how to find their unit and access their key.

Let us help you ease safety concerns and provide your holiday park with the latest in holiday park management technology to provide seamless, contactless customer experiences.

The Benefits of Contactless Check-In

Aside from the benefits that contactless check-in has for recent health and safety measures, it also helps staff and guests leverage other information:

  • It significantly saves time and effort for both staff and guests. Check-in links and forms can be sent ahead of time to avoid queues in public areas across the park
  • It helps holiday parks gather additional data about their holidaymakers
  • It fully integrates with existing systems and supports check-in processes to provide an all-round guest experience
  • It can be used as a casual marketing tool to let guests learn more about your holiday park
  • It can serve exclusive offers, upsell amenities, and create a branded experience to build loyalty
  • It frees up your staff’s time by automatically carrying out tasks like the administrative components of a check-in

See EliteParks and EliteCRM in action

Get in touch to find out how contactless check-in could be implemented at your park.

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