Features and Benefits of EliteFinance

Features and Benefits of EliteFinance

Managing your finances can be difficult, especially if you’re running a fast-paced, constantly evolving holiday park operation. Here at Elite Dynamics we have developed EliteFinance, our financial management solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics technology, to help you manage your finances more efficiently. Our solution is designed and built by our team who have over 65 years of experience working within and providing IT solutions to the UK holiday park industry. So, you can be sure that EliteFinance meets all of your finance needs!

Today we will focus on the key features and benefits of our solution, to your finance team and your holiday park as a whole.

Top features and benefits:

  • Cloud based option, available anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Bring agility and efficiency to your holiday park with cash management
  • Fully optimise your park planning, scheduling, operations and cost management
  • Automate and streamline your supply chain
  • Access financial intelligence and analytics in real-time
  • Integrate with Office 365 applications for efficiency
  • Reduce operational costs with financial process automation, budget planning and control
  • Seamless integration with your Bank Accounts
  • Transform your customer interactions with detailed customer accounting
  • Shorter Month End Cycles, deliver robust reporting
  • Increase profitability with business intelligence
  • Ensure legal and legislative compliance (making Tax Digital)
  • Run smarter holiday parks

In addition to the above, if you have multiple park sites your finance team will be able to manage multiple legal entities within the single application and automate inter-company transactions, including VAT recovery. This helps to simplify and reduce this time-consuming task for your finance team.

User-friendly and familiar interface

When investing in a new financial management system, a common concern can be “How quickly will my finance team adapt to the new system?” If your staff currently use a paper-based or spreadsheet system, it may seem a little daunting making the leap to a fully integrated IT solution instead.

To avoid you having to provide endless training (and to ensure your staff are happy with the change to a more dynamic system), we have developed EliteFinance on Microsoft Dynamics technology. Our solution matches the look and feel of Microsoft’s other products, that your staff are probably familiar with.

This user-friendly and familiar interface ensures that your team can adapt to the software quickly, to minimise the need for a lot of training. This saves your business a lot of time and money, so you can invest more into improving your bottom line.

Please see examples of the dashboards below:[vc_single_image image=”705″ img_size=”1908×963″][vc_single_image image=”706″ img_size=”1919×962″]

Full overview of your finances

Our fully-integrated solution also allows your team to oversee your finances with a horizontal view, across your whole holiday park operation. As you can see above in the screenshots, the dashboards include the following data types: sales this month, overdue sales invoices, overdue purchase invoices, insights into your top customers and much more. So not only can you view your finances horizontally, but you can gain insight into specific data you need, quickly and easily (without leaving the dashboard!) All the financial data that your finance team need is held in this easy-to-use central system.

Having a central system to hold all your finances is important for any growing holiday park as it helps to reduce the time and costs associated with data gathering and reconciliation. This means that you and your finance team have more time to focus on analysing and reporting on your park’s performance.

Real-time data and reporting

EliteFinance also offers you transparent real-time budget and profit performance data at all levels. As well as this, it allows you to perform real-time reporting on your gross profit, with the ability to drill down to underlying transactions too. By all means, you can still use Excel for reporting as it will be linked directly to your EliteFinance solution, making the reporting process as seamless and easy as possible.

Having this level of analysis at your fingertips, allows you to gain real insight into the revenue and costs of your park, which helps you to make informed decisions about the business and gives you extra control over your expenditure.

EliteFinance allows you and your team to produce detailed reports, which can include graphs for benchmarking as shown below:[vc_single_image image=”708″ img_size=”1911×962″]

Generate accurate and professional invoices

Having real-time data is important to ensure your finance team can generate accurate and professional invoices for your customers. Often within the holiday park industry, your customers pay in advance and would receive their invoice before their holiday. This is why it is important to ensure you give a professional first-impression of your business, before the customer has even visited your park.

Customers’ expectations on service are constantly increasing, due to the technology available in this modern world. You don’t want to fall behind your competitors when it comes to customer service and this is one way of ensuring your customer’s journey is as seamless as possible.

Not only this, but EliteFinance makes invoicing simple, as it allows your team to produce invoices straight from the sales transactions, with one click! It really is that simple.

Please see an example of an invoice generated in EliteFinance:[vc_single_image image=”709″ img_size=”688×606″]

Increase team productivity and staff morale

EliteFinance is a balanced blend of a highly practical and easy-to-use holiday park finance system. These two aspects together make our solution the perfect choice when it comes to your staff needs. Our industry experience has made our solution user-friendly and developed specifically with your park operation in mind, so your staff will have no issues when it comes to managing your finances.

Everything your staff need is at their finger-tips, making their daily tasks as seamless as possible. Reducing the time your staff spend on dreary tasks like data gathering and reconciliation means they can concentrate on the more important tasks, such as cash collection, reporting, profit analysis and cost reduction.

Having a central system like EliteFinance, means your finance team can feel at ease, knowing they will never need to use multiple applications again! This in turn improves staff morale and motivation, as they feel more comfortable with their job, as everything they need is in one central place. Managing holiday park finances can

be difficult enough, but these processes can be made simple with our integrated system, EliteFinance.

Links directly to Microsoft Excel and Word

If you’re worried that you and your staff will never use Excel or Word again, don’t you worry, we have it covered! To make things easy for you, EliteFinance has full integration to Office 365 applications, so you can access and use Excel and Word straight from our solution and then save the data within EliteFinance! This means your staff can rest assured that they can continue to use their favourite Microsoft applications, with the seamless integration our solution offers.

Having these links to and from Excel and Word helps to improve staff productivity and reduce the need for training on a whole new application for reporting. Reporting really can be that simple, so why waste any more time?

A fully compliant solution

‘Making Tax Digital’ – EliteFinance built on Microsoft Dynamics is fully compatible with the ‘Making Tax Digital’ requirements

To comply with the new requirements, you will need to send all VAT returns to HMRC through ‘Making Tax Digital’ compatible software. In addition to this, all tax records need to be created and recorded on a digital format.

We understand, as a holiday or caravan park owner, the difficulty you may face in having to keep up with changes in technology. For most, it can end up with additional costs or investments on top of current yearly expenditure.

With our EliteFinance software, you will be able to easily integrate your business with the new legislation, as the Microsoft Dynamics software is fully compatible with the ‘Making Tax Digital’ requirements.

Ensure your holiday park is ready for ‘Making Tax Digital’ and invest in our fully compliant EliteFinance solution.

If you’d like to find out more about how EliteFinance could help to benefit your finance team, be sure to get in touch with us and request a demo.

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