Holiday Parks Putting Digital First

How Holiday Park operators are now putting digital first

No longer a ‘nice to have’, a digital first approach has become a key part of our daily lives.  

Catalysed by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic – which has pushed many customers and businesses online – the world is moving rapidly towards a more digital future, and now is the time to make sure your holiday park operation can keep up. 

Holiday park operators such as Park Leisure, Habitat Escapes, Coppergreen Developments Ltd, Vale Holiday Parks and many more, are turning increasingly to digital first holiday park management solutions such as Elite Dynamics. The holiday park operators are making use of our fully integrated park management system and CRM, to provide an excellent customer experience and access data analytics to bolster their sales, marketing, and customer services. 

Our suite of Elite Dynamics solutions, built on the latest Microsoft Dynamics technology, helps you to put digital at the forefront of your operation in an easy and accessible way. A growing number of holiday parks are adopting a digital first approach when it comes to driving their businesses forwards. 

Up To Date Customer Insights & Data Analytics On Demand 

360-degree visibility of both your holiday park operation and your customers is invaluable when it comes to running your business, allowing you an accurate insight into both your holiday park’s management and your customers’ behaviour. 

With digital at the forefront of your approach, the days of manually inputting data to run reports are gone, making way for detailed and accurate data analytics which are available at the click of a button. Far from being complex and inaccessible, sophisticated data analytics tools such as EliteCRM and EliteAnalytics are also incredibly user friendly, trustworthy and future-proofed. Access real time sales and customer insights; track the journey from lead to conversion; and even make use of predictive lead scoring to inform your approach to each individual prospect. 

This in turn means marketing and customer service can be tailored and targeted to their full potential. 

It is no secret that accurate, up to date insights are key to helping holiday parks understand their customers and cater to their needs. Having this data available on demand goes one step further to empowering your team to work smarter and more efficiently. From remote online check-in to mobile apps to book a swimming pool session – all operators are having to make necessary technological adjustments to accommodate social distancing requirements.  

Put in the foundations of a solid Microsoft based CRM system and the rest will fall into place. All you need to do is make the most of the latest digital tools at your disposal. 

Crisis Management 

It seems incredibly apt in the current circumstances, to consider how a digital first approach can help to manage unexpected situations – such as a global pandemic. 

In times of crisis, communication is key – both within your team, and with your customers. 

Putting digital first makes communication between team members easy and efficient. Staff are able to work remotely while maintaining access to important data and business tools, via handheld devices whilst out on park. All the information you need is available at the click of a button, which in a crisis is invaluable. Time wasted gathering manual information you could already have at your fingertips, is time better used planning a strategy and communicating with your customers. 

Having a fully adaptable, reliable system in place is a great way to reduce the stress of adjusting to new ways of working, with data readily at hand to drive decision making when it comes to moving forwards. Specialist support and training from a highly experienced team will also add reassurance.  

Artificial Intelligence – using AI to bolster your holiday park CRM 

Artificial Intelligence really is starting to be embraced by businesses. 

It’s in our Alexas, our Siris, our Ubers and our Googles. AI algorithms suggest what we might like to listen to next on Spotify, watch on Netflix, or buy online. 

Increasingly, holiday parks are making use of AI to put digital first and drive their businesses forwards. 

Far from making human labour replaceable, AI is a fantastic addition to your team which can increase efficiency and work alongside your workforce to boost sales and customer satisfaction. 

EliteCRM is built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, which comes with built in AI and a whole host of capabilities to help your holiday park operation run smoother and smarter. Tools such as sentiment analysis and topic clustering help your customer service team to provide the best care possible. 

Empower your Team & Boost Efficiency with Automation 

Increasingly, businesses are realising that too much time is spent on clunky manual processes. Time which could be better spent converting leads to sales, or providing excellent customer service and securing repeat custom. What once took days to action, can take minutes with automation and workflow journeys.  

Embracing digital eliminates the need for outdated approaches, with automation tools assisting with everything from customer reports to email campaign management . With these tools working alongside your team, rather than against it; staff hours are then freed up to focus on what really matters. 

Utilising a CRM system with integrated AI is one way to afford your team more time. EliteCRM allows you to automate parts of the customer journey, including communications during the booking and sales cycles. Automation doesn’t need to mean a robotic approach. Content can be personalised to ensure customers still feel valued, while insights are available to view each individual journey from start to present date, so as to better identify with, and cater to, their needs. 

AI is transforming CRMs: put your business at the front of the digital revolution. Get in touch to learn more about our digital holiday park management solutions and arrange a free (online!) demonstration. 

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