How Elite Dynamics Software Helps You Automate Your Marketing

How Elite Dynamics Software Helps You Automate Your Marketing

No matter what industry you work within, marketing is now more than ever, an essential part of business which helps companies to put their brand, products and services in front of customers. However, do you feel that your business spends too much time on marketing? This is where automation comes in. With automation, you can save time, money and even deliver more accurate and consistent marketing activity.

At Elite Dynamics, we know how important this is for our clients, which is why our software helps you to automate your marketing. Read on to find out how.

Hold Everything in One Streamlined System

Gone are the days of offices filled with huge filing cabinets with documents piled up on top of one another. Now, it is possible to hold all your data in one place, and with EliteParks, this is possible.

Not only does this free your office of bulky filing cabinets, it puts everything into one streamlined system which can help you to automate your marketing. Automation relies on having the right data, so with this system, all the data you have on customers and prospective customers is stored in one place, ready to be used in your marketing efforts.

Take Advantage of Customer Segmentation

Getting your message out to the wider world is easy enough. But how many of your colleagues and competitors, can say for sure their message is being seen by the most relevant audiences? Getting in front of the right people is challenging for most marketers, especially when you have a load of data with no way of separating it into different groups.

You may want to send out emails to potential customers, showing off the features of your park but without segmentation, you either have a painstaking manual task on your hands, or customers end up getting marketing messages which are inappropriate for them.

However, EliteParks allows for accurate customer segmentation so you can send targeted marketing to distinct groups who are at various stages of their relationship with you.

Integrate with Email and Text Message Marketing

There are plenty of diverse ways in which you can market your business to prospects and previous customers, and with EliteParks you can set it up to be integrated with a number of these methods. When a lead is added to your system, forget the tedious paperwork, you can enter all the contact information for them, such as an email address and mobile phone number. You can then select the different ways the lead can be contacted for marketing activities.

By selecting marketing methods for every new lead, its becomes so simple to automate marketing that compliments your sales process, saving you precious time. Plus, not only does this make things a lot easier for you, it also means that if a customer has asked to not be contacted by text, for example, they will not be contacted. This keeps your customers and prospects happy and importantly, keeps you on the right side of GDPR compliance.

Automating your marketing efforts can be hugely beneficial for a number of reasons, and with EliteParks, this is made so much easier for you. If you would like to find out more, you can request a demo and we would be more than happy to show you how working together could transform your park operation.

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