How EliteCRM Can Manage Your Customer Relationships To Help Improve Your Service

How EliteCRM Can Manage Your Customer Relationships To Help Improve Your Service

For most holiday park businesses, the creation of a strong customer relationship is a key driver for repeat revenue. The days of “one size fits all” customer relationships are gone, with holidaymakers expecting a good level of communication by default and relationship building from the brands they stay with.

If there was something that unified your sales and marketing teams whilst providing rich insight to management, would you try it out? Well your ideal solution for customer relationship management is here!

We’ve launched EliteCRM, the newest software solution from Elite Dynamics, to help supercharge the relationships your business has with your customers.

Built on Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement EliteCRM is intended to help boost your holiday park sales and improve your customer’s experience by guiding your sales team through the journey of prospecting to creating an established customer.

EliteCRM includes a wide variety of applications to allow all salespeople and marketers to easily create and measure lead generation campaigns, optimising for cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Key Features include:

  • Cloud based, available anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Automated Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
  • Market leading CRM platform with an emphasis on a robust and efficient automation engine to alleviate mundane tasks and enrich the customer experience
  • Friendly and intuitive user interface for all users
  • Full integration with Outlook and Office 365 for document and communication management
  • Direct integration with social media including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Fully customised and flexible to the customer needs – make it your CRM!
  • Fully automated and personalise-able sales processing from lead generation through to sale
  • Automated, personalised customer touch points
  • Ability to send post-sale or holiday surveys to help improve future customer service
  • Marketing campaign and budget management
  • Market leading CRM platform (versus Salesforce, etc)
  • 99.9% uptime

The customer experience is more than just a great stay at your park. Whether its a camping trip or a holiday home rental, your can ensure your brand is present at all parts of the journey, from welcoming new arrivals by email, to asking for feedback after their stay.

Plus, there’s more ways than ever for a customer to contact your business. From social media to email, your business needs to ensure that all channels are easy to organise and actively managed. As your customer base grows, efficiency will be as important as customer quantity. By having a platform that is always available, reliable and flexible, your marketing team will be able to transform individual customer relationships.

If your holiday park aims to improve its customer relationships in 2019, EliteCRM is the best software for the job. We’re on a par with the market leaders, so you are safe in the hands of experts. Book a free demonstration today.

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