How EliteParks Removes Common Pain Points - Part 1

How EliteParks Removes Common Pain Points – Part 1

Elite Dynamics, we know how frustrating some of these pain points can be to sort out – especially when trying to find a park management system that covers them all. Luckily, thanks to our years of expertise, we’ve encountered all these before, and our EliteParks solution can eradicate the common pain points to make managing your park feel like a breeze.

Removes Manual Processes and Creates a Customer Journey

No matter how big or small your park is, your booking system is one of the most important aspects of success – if it’s not tailored to your business as well as your customer’s behaviour, it can lead to disastrous experiences for both your potential guests and your staff. A lot of issues with booking systems can be traced back to the need for manual processes to still be in place, i.e. relying on someone to undertake part of the booking process the park’s end.

With the EliteParks system, there’s no need for any manual processes – it’s all done for you. Once set up to serve your park, there’s no need to get hands-on with the booking process as the system can handle it without the need for someone to confirm bookings manually, for example.

It can also integrate fully with your website and third-party booking agents, taking out the stress and strain that is often associated with keeping everyone in the loop with regards to bookings, and guests can book directly through your website with no issues.

Our specialist EliteCRM solution also gives you the option to create automated customer journeys so that your holiday makers are kept up today with regular communication improving their overall holiday experience.

Fully Monitor the Sales Process

Being able to fully understand your sales cycle and the process can give you valuable insights into your business, as well as pinpoint any areas for improvement. With most manual sales processes, it can be difficult to capture all aspects of the sales cycle, meaning you’re missing out on important information about your lead-to-deal process.

We’ve designed the EliteParks system to capture and monitor every aspect of your sales process to eliminate any loss of data so that you can fully understand everything that goes on from capturing the lead to making the deal, and beyond.
This will give you an accurate picture of your sales process, as well as help you with creating successful marketing campaigns based on your lead source analysis. Essentially, you will be able to see where your leads are coming from, what works and, equally as important, what doesn’t.

Going Paperless

With more and more pressure on businesses to become more eco-conscious, going paperless has never been more popular in the park management industry. Not only does it help cut down on paper waste but having everything to hand digitally makes life much easier, especially when it comes to searching for specific documents.

By using an integrated system such as EliteParks, everything will be stored electronically, which means things such as invoices can be processed faster, and financial documentation can be stored safely in digital format.

Keeping You Compliant

As you will be dealing with people’s financial details, it’s essential that you are remaining compliant with regulators at every point of your sales process. When doing this manually, it can be stressful to try and locate all the information you need to be able to produce an audit trail.
Take the stress and panic out of auditing and compliance by utilising EliteParks – everything is securely stored electronically on the system, making it easier to remain complaint for FCA / GDPR and local government authority purposes.

Avoid Duplicate Transactions

When many different systems are involved in a park management data processing, there’s always the risk that transactions can double up and duplicate, especially when the systems aren’t designed to work together in the first place.

Obviously, avoiding duplicate transactions is something that every park wants to avoid as it can severely damage the image of the park and the trust that has been built up between the guests and the management.

Streamline High Volume Processes

Whether it’s sorting through your stacks of invoices to processing them, dealing with guest allocation, chasing up site fee payments or another process which deals with a large amount of data or requires a lot of focus and attention, there’s no need to push yourself beyond what you are humanly capable of dealing with – which can be a massive pain point for those parks still relying on manual systems and processes for these elements.

We want to help you streamline those time-consuming, high-volume processes so that your time can be better spent catering to your customers’ needs to make their time with you memorable for all the right reasons. Our EliteParks system helps to keep those processes ticking over without the need for you to watch over them. Fire through raising invoices without having to even think about it – what will you do with all your free time. Our EliteParks system is designed with effective park management in mind, and there’s no reason that you should be having to deal with common pain points in today’s technology-led society.

If you’d like to find out more on how our EliteParks software can help you manage your park with ease and rid you of common problems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today – our team will be more than happy to help!

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