How EliteParks Removes Common Pain Points - Part 2

How EliteParks Removes Common Pain Points – Part 2

We’ve already established that coming up against pain points is part of being a manager – especially if your holiday park management system isn’t properly in sync with how your park operates.

Historically, we have found that there are so many issues that park owners come up against with their systems. We’ve worked in the Holiday Parks Industry for long enough to know how difficult it can be to manage your park without effective systems in place. That why we’ve taken the daily challenges on board and designed our EliteParks solution to combat the pain and maximise efficiency, to make your job easier and your park operation run smoother.

We have already covered some of the pain points in part one on this blog, but there are many more which our EliteParks solution can make a thing of the past…

Multiple Management Packages In One

There can be so many different aspects to park management that it can easily feel like you need to have different systems for different aspects of your park. That is not the case.

While separate independent systems may appear to provide you with the very best by department, you will more than likely make things more complicated and less efficient – especially if the systems cannot be fully integrated, making managing each section disjointed. It can often lead to duplicate processes, unnecessary extra admin time for employees and manual administration errors in your data. You also require multiple logins to different systems that will inevitably work in different ways and won’t necessarily talk with each other as they could.

The beauty of EliteParks is that it can help you manage you park, across every department, under one software interface. There’s no need to invest in multiple, expensive IT solutions for your marketing, sales & leads, reservations, owner management, finance, park management, memberships, etc. as it covers every aspects of any busy park operation in one seamless system.

Full Finance System Integration for Sales Teams

Being able to see what current owners account balances are and what they potentially could be interested in upgrading to is essential for park sales teams, and with other manual systems, this can often be difficult to locate if details haven’t been filed away properly.

Without this kind of business system integration with today’s fast-paced consumer behaviour, it’s harder for sales teams to record their owner purchasing history, upsell new stock, and park owners could be left missing out potential upgrade opportunities that would make a massive difference to their bottom line.

It’s also beneficial to be able to see where missed payments have been so that they can be chased up within good time – something that may be left to the last minute without the integration and automation of the EliteParks.

Batch Invoicing Made Easy

We all know how long it can take to manually raise each invoice during even the quietest time of the month, especially when it comes to things such as owners paying their site fees. It’s an important part of park management and one that you want to get right first time, every time.

Keep Track of Stock and Valuation

As stock levels are constantly changing around your park(s), it can often be difficult to know exactly what stock you have at any given time. For busy parks with large levels of stock, park managers need to use a reliable system to keep track of their inventory.

Similarly, knowing what value an item of stock holds is important as you want to make sure that it is costed accordingly across all your parks is essential. With our software integration with the Glasses Guide we can fully integrated access to the fastest and more comprehensive valuation and benchmarking tool for accurate information to help you trade more profitably.

Rather than having to raise each one manually – and leaving the process exposed to human error which everyone is capable of – why not have a system which does this automatically using the latest in Microsoft technology, removing the possibility of human error and making your invoice process much smoother and require less resourcing.

Controlling Spend Before Purchase

Knowing what you’re spending in your park is essential – it helps determine budgets, cashflow and margin performance.

The ideal set up – and how our EliteParks solution works – is being able to control what you spend before the purchase is made, rather than approving purchase invoices when they are received, meaning payment has already occurred.

This gives you more opportunity to review your spending habits and change them accordingly. As all this information is accessible in EliteParks, from any device and location, it’s never been easier!

Access On The Go

Long gone are the days where everyone is expected to work in the office all the time. With sales experts often out and about on park, attending shows and events or working remotely, being able to access your park management system when away from the office is a massive advantage.

EliteParks allows for this flexibility, even allowing access to the system through a tablet or mobile phone, making it even easier for those people who need to get on the system while away from their desk to access data and information.

Our software can be made available to multiple users, with varying permissions too – managers from accounts, the reservation team, sales teams, maintenance and other departments can all gain access to the relevant features while out of the office when required.

We’ve designed EliteParks to make your life as a park owner much easier. There’s no need to stress over the tedious jobs which, in the past, would take hours to get done manually. You can feel more confident that you park is being managed more efficiently, your departments are talking to one another and waste can be reduced. With automation, full integration and easy-to-install software designed specifically to suit the needs of busy holiday parks, there’s no need to stick with manual management system or outdated systems.

To find out how EilteParks can benefit your park, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today – we’ll be more than happy to help you and discuss your specific needs.

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