How Holiday Parks are upping their marketing game with CRM

In uncertain times, effective holiday park marketing is more important than ever. When encouraging customers to visit your park, getting your messaging right is crucial as holiday makers look for reassurance around health and safety; value for money; and what your holiday park can offer. In a world dominated by news of COVID 19, it’s clear that your messaging will need to adapt in order to reassure visitors that their trip will be both safe and enjoyable.

That’s where EliteCRM can help.

Whether your team is still working from home, or are now based back on park, putting the best CRM software in place will help set them – and your holiday park – up for success. Automate often time-consuming tasks, and consolidate information in one easily accessible place, to free up time for employees to do the work which makes a difference – like closing deals and ensuring happy customers.

So, how are holiday parks making use of CRM to ensure their marketing efforts are both cost and time efficient, hitting the right target market and having the maximum impact.

The Customer Journey

In a COVID 19 world, the customer journey looks a little different – and so does the way that your team should approach it. Think of it as a mini reset: the customer journey is changing, and now is the time to make sure your holiday park is ready.

Lay the foundations for a seamless customer journey from start to finish by putting in place a CRM that works across departments, from sales through to marketing and customer service. EliteCRM, for example, centralises all historic and future customer data in one record, and presents it using cloud based dashboards will be of use across your holiday park – from marketing insights to personalised customer service data. There’s no need for employees to waste time searching through endless files and folders for the information they need: instead, it’s easily accessible in one place.

Marketing Messaging

It is also important to be aware that the tone of your messaging needs to shift, and take on a more empathetic approach as opposed to the hard sell. According to Marketing Week, 42% of marketers agree that they will need to change the tone, content, and messaging of their marketing communication  over the next 6 months to a year. Couple that with an overall reduction in ad spending, and it’s clear that your marketing efforts need to be optimised and streamlined.

An effective CRM system like EliteCRM will allow you to centralise your marketing activity and reporting, providing insight like never before into what your customers and prospects are opening and clicking on, making it easy for you and your team to understand your customers and engage with them more effectively. You will also be able to see where your spend is most – and least – effective, so you can focus accordingly. Through utilising tools such as advanced reporting; social media insights; and prospect and customer data, you can effectively measure the ROI of campaigns; while shunning manual reporting in favour of automated reporting will free up time for your team to focus on what really matters.

Customer Service

Communication with your holiday park’s customers has always been important, but never more so than now. In a world of uncertainty, visitors will appreciate regular contact; and want to be reassured about their upcoming or potential holiday. A good CRM platform will offer the ability to provide pre- and post-booking communications, as well as day of arrival and check in communication. With EliteCRM, these are not only included, but are fully customisable, meaning you can include tailored information about how your park is running during the COVID 19 pandemic.

It will also pay to minimise delays in responding to customer queries: with EliteCRM, all the information you need about a given customer is available immediately, so whether you have dealt with them before or not, you can still provide a personalised service. Resolve issues quickly and efficiently, maximising customer satisfaction and increasing the likelihood of repeat custom. With EliteCRM, real time customer data is organised so that it is easily accessible for you and your team, no matter where you are.

Email marketing

With one of the highest ROI out there, email marketing is an invaluable tool for your holiday park when used to its full potential. Whether it’s a targeted campaign to inspire bookings, or a note to reassure existing customers booked to visit your park, email is a great way to reach your audience and capture their attention. So it makes sense that holiday parks are using CRMs to optimise their email marketing efforts, accessing detailed insights and making full use of automated emails to keep in touch with customers in a time efficient way.

Putting the right business software in place will allow you to keep a hold on just how effective your email marketing is: instead of blindly sending emails and hoping for the best, you can actually see how well they are performing; what works and what doesn’t; and tweak future campaigns accordingly. Plus, integrating your email with your CRM platform will allow you to utilise contact lists to their full potential.

EliteCRM allows you to automate personalised emails, sending out communications based on a prospects status; capturing their attention at every step of the customer journey. Provide booking confirmation; timed holiday reminders; and post booking communication, including survey distribution to get a better feel for what your holiday park does well; and where it could improve.

Inefficient systems can cost money, as your team works to make up for what the system is lacking – when they could be working to close sales and ensure happy customers. Your employees are competent, so give them the best chance possible with a dynamic and effective CRM solution which will allow them to work smarter, not harder.

To find out more about our EliteCRM solution, get in touch for a no obligation consultation and demonstration.

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