In with the Cloud: Why 2018 Needs to Be the Year Your Park Moves Online

In with the Cloud: Why 2018 Needs to Be the Year Your Park Moves Online

Cloud computing is a relatively new technological advancement, with the majority of cloud providers coming onto the scene in the past ten years.

However, in this short of space of time, it has certainly established itself as a frontrunner in the tech world. With the public cloud market worth an estimated $130bn and 41% of enterprises planning to increase their investment in cloud technology in the coming years, it’s clear that cloud computing could be the future of business.

So, why should you use a cloud-based system for your holiday park? Here, we’ve found some of the top reasons to move your park online in 2018.


One of the main draws of using cloud technology is the flexibility that comes with it. Using a remote system means you can access documents and applications anywhere, anytime, from any device.

All that’s required is an internet connection, meaning you and your team have a much better degree of flexibility to work around different lifestyles, to manage documents in real time, and to collaborate more effectively. This can all lead to increased productivity and revenue for your business.

Document control

On a related note, having a shared space to collaborate can reduce mistakes and inaccuracies within the business, increasing control over documents.

As opposed to sending lots of email attachments that can easily become lost or mixed up, having a central location for documents that can be edited by everyone and seen in real time can help improve efficiency and minimise mistakes.

Business continuity

Unfortunately, there may be a time when your park is hit with an issue, whether it’s a natural disaster or a power cut, which might mean a disruption in business.

Using a cloud system can help to minimise the disruption and losses to your park, compared to a fixed system. Having your data stored, backed up and protected in a secure and safe location can minimise downtime, allowing you to access it from a different device or location should you need to.


Cloud systems are generally cheaper to run, especially for smaller businesses. Based on a subscription service where you pay for as much as you use, it minimises any losses from idle resources.

Similarly, it can cut out the costs of expensive systems and equipment, paying wages for expert IT staff and even office space should you choose to run your business entirely remotely, with all updates and software included in the fee.


The growth of cloud systems has led to major developments in the field, giving business owners access to cutting-edge technology no matter their size.

Many small businesses don’t have the resources or capacity to employ IT specialists to maximise their tech and using cloud computing is the perfect way to counter this. Providers constantly strive to produce better updates, improved security, innovative software and expert maintenance, allowing you to stay at the forefront of your business.

And, with experts on hand to help 24/7, you can access expertise whenever you need it.


Cloud allows your IT infrastructure to grow as fast as your park does, at a low cost.

Due to the pay-as-you-use model, you can easily increase your subscription or data capacity in accordance with business needs at the touch of a button, meaning you don’t have the expense of redesigning your system or installing expensive upgrades yourself.

Similarly, the in-built security of cloud-based systems can also help to assist disaster recovery. With data stored remotely, should a device be stolen you can still access your information and wipe data from any device.

Ease of choice

wide array of choice has accompanied the growth in cloud technology, giving you the ability to pick the best software and applications for your needs.

It’s easy to fit your IT structure around your holiday park needs and have access to the best technology in each area of business that you require, whether it’s accounting, mailing or marketing, putting you at the forefront of the industry.


Overall, cloud systems enable you to spend more time developing your business rather than developing your IT.

You can focus your energies on responding to customers, growing your services, and meeting the needs of the industry, allowing you to innovate, experiment and adopt new solutions, as opposed to wasting time, energy and resources on IT operations.

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