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Keeping Employees & Customers Safe when your Holiday Park Reopens

The government has announced that holiday parks can reopen from the 4th July, bringing many a much-needed sigh of relief. The past three months have been challenging for the holiday park industry, and we are now able to look ahead to what is sure to be a busy summer season.

Holiday parks are well positioned to safely welcome visitors back for overnight stays and some much longed for R&R. With outdoor space in abundance, there is plenty of room for social distancing; and thanks to the very nature of holiday parks, customers can spend their holiday in their own little ‘bubble’, so to speak.

However, changes will need to be made to ensure guests and employees are able to safely enjoy their time on site. With some on site facilities still unable to reopen, visitors will experience a different kind of stay – albeit one they are still sure to enjoy. A number of parks have introduced new holiday packages to reflect the more limited range of amenities available, while others are offering food delivery options from onsite restaurants.

Adaptations and changes will need to be made, with social distancing an essential part of your business’s approach; and compliance with government guidance crucial to continued success. If there is one thing we know, it is that the holiday park industry is both resilient and innovative; and we have no doubt that your park(s) will rise to the challenge and enjoy a fantastic few months ahead, as we navigate this new landscape together.

Here are a few ways your holiday park(s) can safely welcome back visitors and staff.

Offer Contactless Check-In

With social distancing and minimal face to face contact becoming the new normal, ensuring customers and staff come into contact with as few people as possible will become a key part of your park’s operation.

Contactless check-in is a brilliant way to support this, reassuring visitors that they can safely holiday in your park; and reducing the likelihood of queues, during busier arrival times.

Using the latest Microsoft technology, our holiday park software EliteParks is accessible anywhere, from any device – so it is only natural that it also supports contactless check-in for your guests. Visitors can check in safely and quickly upon arrival, using any handheld device – whether that is their mobile or tablet. Contactless check-in will allow guests to bypass reception and go straight to their accommodation: all you need to do is communicate how to find their unit and access the key.

Let us help you ease safety concerns and provide your holiday park with the latest in holiday park management technology to provide seamless, contactless customer experiences. Get in touch to find out how contactless check-in for EliteParks could be implemented at your park.

Increase Cleaning Measures

In reassuring customers and adhering to government guidelines, cleanliness will be key. Guests will expect to see regular and thorough cleaning in progress, and it will be important to ensure staff are able to do so effectively and safely, with minimal contact and sufficient protection to keep themselves, and others, safe. Measures such as using anti-viral disinfectants, increased handwashing facilities, and providing PPE are great places to start, with regularly used items and areas needing more regular attention.

Make use of technology to assist your team in their important role of keeping your park(s) clean. Our EliteParks housekeeping module enables staff to access their cleaning sheet remotely; carry out their work with minimal (if any) interaction with others; check their daily cleans; and add comments to the system if maintenance is required in the holiday accommodation (which then automatically notifies the maintenance teams).

Reception will also benefit by being able to see which units are ready for arrivals, all from one centralised dashboard, ensuring they are able to safely check guests in to properties which are safe and prepared for their arrival.

Be Flexible on Refunds & Cancellations

At an incredibly uncertain time, customers will be reassured when booking their holiday to know that if something were to happen, they would not lose out. Be transparent with your customers on the processes you have put in place to stay compliant with COVID-19 guidelines. Introducing a flexible refund policy to allow guests to cancel or postpone their holiday with no penalty is a great way to engender goodwill; avoid unnecessary trips; and encourage bookings – both now and in the future. Our EliteParks bookings feature will ensure you can quickly respond to changes, manage bookings effectively and maximise occupancy in what is left of the summer holiday period.

Businesses who show kindness, compassion and understanding are those who will come out of this in a stronger position; while allowing visitors to rebook will make them less likely to travel when unwell.

Communicate with Customers and Owners

As your park reopens, communication will be vital. Keeping guests and owners in the loop about any safety measures you are taking, and any changes to how their holiday will look, will provide much needed and appreciated reassurance, helping visitors to feel safe and included.

With an ever-changing situation, it is a good idea to provide regular updates to avoid any confusion or concern. EliteCRM is a fantastic tool to help with this, bringing your holiday park sales, marketing automation and customer service together to make customer communication easy, efficient, and insightful.

Our cutting-edge customer relationship management solution allows you to interact with customers using their preferred channel, creating a consistent and unified service experience; and effectively managing complaints and feedback with case resolution reporting. There is also the option to easily send out regular updates, inspiring confidence in your park at a time when this will be key.

Safely Carry out On-Site Maintenance

Reduce the need for face to face contact while your team are out on site, carrying out maintenance jobs and ensuring your park is safe for visitors.

Our EliteParks maintenance module eliminates the need for manual jobs sheets and processes, allowing members of your maintenance team to access their jobs electronically, from any device, anywhere on site. There is the option to add comments, update management, and complete tasks efficiently – meaning communication and efficiency are maximised, alongside staff safety and wellbeing.

Work from Home where Possible

While your park may be reopening, you or your staff may still wish to work from home wherever possible. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be a challenge! Our Elite Dynamics software solutions can be accessed in the cloud and updated in real time, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere, any time. This means that those who can continue to work from home (for example, the finance and accounting teams) can access your holiday park management system just as if they were on site.

Meanwhile, for those members of your park’s team who are on site, being able to access your management systems from any device whilst out on the park means your team can continue to work efficiently whilst keeping everyone safe.

The months ahead will be filled with new challenges; however we have no doubt that the holiday park industry is well equipped to deal with them safely and efficiently. We are proud to be supporting the industry throughout this uncertain time, and our experienced, knowledgeable team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

How is your holiday park preparing to keep staff and visitors safe?

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