New Major Release 2021 - Wave 1 & 2

New Major Release 2021.1 & 2021.2

New versions of all Elite Dynamics solutions are now available. We are also working on a solution roadmap to enable a glimpse of the features planned for our next release.

Below is an overview of the latest new features:

New to EliteParks – 2021.1 & 2021.2

Data Import Wizard

Feature: Background Processing
Value: Data imported by the wizard can now be validated and process in the background, allowing for large volumes of data to be imported while allow the user to continue to use the system.

Feature: Contact Import for Bookings
Value: Allow for setting of a Contact against Bookings imported from 3rd party systems. This allows for booking data to either maintain the contact deduplication already existing in the data, or for it to be cleaned before being imported into EliteParks.


Feature: Support latest version of EliteCRM
Value: More data is accessible from EliteParks in EliteCRM.


Feature: Write Down Unit SIV
Value: Provides an easy process to write down the stock of a unit.


Feature: Advanced 3rd Party Booking Payment
Value: Ability to complete the operational booking process from Check-In to Income Recognition of 3rd party bookings while handling the payment independently.

Feature: Booking Pricing Profiles
Value: User defined daisy chaining of grade prices to allow for pricing of bookings to be calculated based on multiple grade prices.

Feature: Booking Pricing Restrictions
Value: Restrictions of specific arrival and departure days during dates. This allows for easier setup to handle bank and other national holidays.

Feature: Contactless Check-In API’s
Value: Set of API’s allow for web sites to provide contactless Check-In and Check-Out of bookings within EliteParks.

Feature: Booking Deferred Account Reconciliation
Value: Provide better reconciliation of deferred payments made to bookings, as well as ability to handle VAT changes between taking of payment and income recognition.

Feature: Multiple Park Online Payments
Value: Provides ability for Booking Payments made online to post to their different Bank Accounts based on the park of the booking.


Feature: Deal Documents in Microsoft SharePoint
Value: Deal Documents can be uploaded directly and automatically into a SharePoint Document Library. Allow ease of access from within EliteParks while providing the security and audit trail via Microsoft SharePoint.

Rentals United

Feature: Certified Integration
Value: Certified integration between EliteParks and Rentals United, allowing for Plots and Units to be sold both in EliteParks and many OTA such as and Airbnb.

Owner App

Feature: Support latest version of the EliteParks Owner App
Value: More out of the box data and functionality via the EliteParks Owner App.

New to EliteFinance – 2021.1

Feature: Bank Reconciliation Improvements
Value: From the Bank Statements Page you can cancel a bank reconciliation that was posted with mistakes, and then from the Bank Acc. Reconciliation page you can run a new bank reconciliation.

Feature: Changes in synchronization between contact and customer or vendor
Value: Fields on the Address & Contact FastTab of the customer card are related to the customer, not the contact person. They’ll no longer be updated when you choose a new contact in the Contact Code or Contact Name fields. The same applies to the fields on the vendor card.

Feature: Easy contact insights and access to history of interactions with contacts
Value: Greater visibility from the Contact Card which now shows the Business Relation and gives you direct access to the related Customer and Vendor card.

Feature: Inventory documents – new capability to adjust your inventory
Value: You can use the Inventory Receipt and Inventory Shipment documents to adjust your inventory. You can print these documents at any stage, release and reopen them, and assign common values, including dimensions, in the header. Search for Inventory Receipt to register an increase of inventory. For example, this is useful when preparing to go live or adding opening balances for example Gas Bottle stock.

Feature: More control over settings for Default Dimensions
Value: Instead of allowing users to pick just any dimension value, when the dimension Value Posting is set to Code Mandatory, using Allowed Dimension Values in the Default Dimensions page, users can now pick from a predefined list of allowed dimension values.

Feature: Simplified bank statement file import
Value: Users can often download various transaction file formats from their bank. With the new capability, users can configure the import of flat file and comma- or semicolon-separated transaction formats, so that they can more easily import files they have produced or manipulated to fit with the mapping that they have configured.

Feature: Get report (raw) data in Excel from the request page
Value: From the Send to menu on the request page, users can now choose Microsoft Excel Document (data only). When you choose this option, the report is generated without a layout and presents the raw dataset in an Excel file.

Feature: Export any list part to Excel
Value: Lists that are displayed as a part on a page can now be exported to Excel. For example, you can export purchase lines from a Purchase Order page, list parts on the Role Center, lists in the FactBox pane, or even lists on ListPlus pages such as the Item By Location page. Similar to full-page lists, the Open in Excel action downloads a static copy of your list as an Excel worksheet, complete with any filters and sort order that you have applied.

Feature: Dimension corrections (for G/L Entries)
Value: When a data entry mistake happens, either in journal entries, document posting, or data added through APIs, it distorts the picture of the business you get from financial analyses. Often, the data is used only for financial reporting, and doesn’t necessarily need to be corrected on the source document. On the General Ledger Entries page, the Correct Dimensions action lets you correct dimensions on posted entries by editing the dimension value, adding new dimensions, or removing them.

New to EliteFinance – 2021.2

Feature: Account schedules – Budget Name filter for columns and more templates added
Value: In Column Layouts, there’s a new Budget Name field so that you can filter on a specific budget (or budgets) for that column. This way, you create account schedules that report on actual versus budget figures for both a budget and a forecast.

Feature: Bank and payment reconciliations
Value: The Payment Reconciliation Journal has been improved with the following capabilities: Separate number series. Posting preview. Ability to reverse the G/L register posted through the Payment Reconciliation Journal. The Bank Reconciliation page has been enhanced with the following capabilities: Bank ledger entries are now filtered so only ledger entries after the statement’s ending date are displayed, making it simpler to get an overview. The layout of the test report has been cleaned up, making it simpler to read. The report will also use the statement date as a filter for the G/L account as well as the bank account, so that the focus is on the period being reconciled. When applying auto-matching, the user can decide to not overwrite any of the already matched entries, or to overwrite all. Many-to-1 matching is now possible so many bank statement lines can be matched against one bank ledger entry. When you transfer differences to be posted in a general journal, the entries will be auto-matched when you return to the bank reconciliation, reducing the redundant manual step.

Feature: Default line type in the sales and purchase documents
Value: You can specify the default type for sales on the Sales & Receivable Setup page, and for purchases on the Purchase & Payables Setup page, in the Document Default Line Type field. Afterward, the first line on the document will always use the default type that you specified, and you can start working with lines by selecting values in the No. field. Of course, you can change type in line if needed.

Feature: Edit in Excel in recurring general journals and intercompany general journals
Value: The Edit in Excel feature has been around for a while on pages where businesses often bulk-edit data, but to extend its availability even further, we’ve added it to the following pages: Recurring general journals Intercompany general journals.

Feature: Group G/L and VAT entries in Posting Preview and easily extend Posting Preview
Value: You can enable the new way of showing Posting Preview by choosing Extended in the Posting Preview Type field on the General Ledger Setup page. When the extended posting preview is turned on, you can choose to preview a posting using the Preview Posting action (or the Ctrl+Alt+F9 keyboard shortcut)—for example, on a payment journal. On the Posting Preview page, you can choose Show Hierarchical View to group the entries.

New to EliteCRM – 2021.1

Feature: Automatic formatting of your contact demographic information
Value: Ensure that any email correspondence to your customers via automation is correctly formatted and professional-looking.

Feature: Creating deals from appointments
Value: Increase efficiency within your sales processes.

Feature: Additional Ribbon Button for EliteParks popout added to all core pages
Value: Seamless transfer into EliteParks without having to leave EliteCRM.

Feature: Booking Matrix & Find Availability embedded within EliteCRM
Value: Seamless transfer into EliteParks without having to leave EliteCRM.

Feature: An increase in tables added to the sync
Value: Better reporting analysis in CRM which could be presented in Views, Charts, and Dashboards. Utilise automated processes within CRM, allowing you to automatically send emails to your customers upon specific data. Benefit from more structured data between EP and EliteCRM, and with additional information being pushed into CRM, users only need to be in one single platform (Sales, Bookings).

New to EliteCRM – 2021.2

Feature: Complete re-write of EliteCRM
Value: EliteCRM has been re-written to include more functionality, more tables, and data syncing from EliteParks and built within the PowerApps Platform

Feature: Additional Tables 
Value: More operational tables such as Housekeeping, Linen, and site fees are now part of the Sync from EliteParks. This allows for better reporting and automation between the Booking & Housekeeping department.

Feature: POS Receipt Lines added to the Sync
Value: This allows a more detailed journey to the customer which can include when payments are received against the Booking, Maintenance Job & Deal.

Feature: Diamond functionality
Value: Flow from Lead to Deal has been improved with action for the salesperson to close the appointment and set the status at the click of a button.

Feature: Dataverse Search
Value: With the general release of Dataverse Search from Microsoft, finding records has never been easier in EliteCRM with the search bar prominent at the top of every page

Feature: List Views & Charts
Value: Improve List Views allow you to select anywhere in the list, like excel, you can now copy cells and rows. Charts can be positioned on the left or the right-hand side of the page. Also added is the ability to add more columns to your view directly from the page and save them as a personal view.

Feature: Salesperson field linked to the record owner
Value: Enabling better interaction with EliteParks, more control over permissions, and more reporting capabilities.

Feature: Business Process Flow add to Leads
Value: Designed to interact with salespeople and flow through the process from Lead, Appointment, and finally creating the Deal in EliteParks.

Feature: Automated Follow Up Tasks
Value: Call back tasks can now be automatically created based on the desired output of an appointment.

Feature: Dashboards
Value: Improved Standard Booking & Deals dashboard to cover balances, analysis by park and month.

Feature: Improved Contact / Lead Functionality
Value: When creating a new lead in EliteCRM we now have a 3 step contact deduplication process in place, starting with the user then EliteCRM and finally a check by EliteParks before the system will create a new contact record.

Feature: Safety Test Entries
Value: With the importance of Safety tests on all parks, we now push the entire Safety Tests Entries table to EliteCRM. This allows for full reporting functionality and automated triggers to customers based on the information stored on their account.

Feature: Contact Profile Page
Value: With the Contact record in CRM being the core record for the customer, we have improved the profile page to display the customer analysis from how many bookings and the value, amount of leads, complaints, and amount of jobs with invoiced value in charts.

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