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Full name: Douglas Scott Robertson Skea

Job Title: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Manager

Doug is one of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Managers, supporting customer projects and software development roadmaps. Doug focuses on allocating Consultant and Developer resource for project activities, as well as managing client and 3rd Party deadlines to maintain customer expectations.

Born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Doug landed in the UK in September 2016 with a suitcase and backpack. Since his arrival in the UK, he’s lived in Stevenage and Hitchin in Hertfordshire and now resides in Hampshire.


Let’s get to know Doug a little more…

What specialist knowledge do you bring to the Elite Team?

I have spent the last 3½ years working as a Project & Resource Manager for another Microsoft Gold Partner, and I picked up a wealth of knowledge about the successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Software. Prior to this, I worked in various sectors; Manufacturing, Building & Contracting, Earth Works & Heavy Machinery and Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Restoration; all of which had an element of project management that I have drawn experience from.

What interests you most about the Holiday Park Industry?

The varying types of park businesses interest me greatly. From the ultra-luxurious 5-star experiences to a simple caravan, there is something for everyone’s tastes as well as budgets.

Explain a typical day working for Elite Dynamics?

I don’t really have a typical day, every day brings new challenges and triumphs! Most of my time is spend allocating resource, reshuffling diaries to prioritize specific pieces of work to ensure deadlines are met.

What do you enjoy about your job most?

I enjoy the work environment, though its remote, the sense of team work and togetherness is not something that I have experienced in the work place before. It is refreshing.

What you enjoy doing when not at work?

The majority of my time is spent with my family (wife and son), and I play the guitar when I get the chance. When we lived in Zimbabwe, I water-skied, and enjoyed mountain biking and motocross.

What’s your drink of choice in the office?

Mainly coffee, with a sweet cup of tea thrown in in the afternoon!

Will you be having a biscuit to go with that drink?

Nothing specific! My wife bakes a lot with our son so will eat whatever treat they have made!

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