Sustainable holiday park business

New ‘industry-first’ partnership helps holiday parks demonstrate commitment to sustainability

Elite Dynamics, a leading provider of software solutions to the Holiday Home & Parks’ industry, has partnered with an environmental start-up in a bid to encourage the industry, holiday home owners, and holidaymakers to up their environmental efforts.

The software specialists have kick-started a new partnership with Manchester-based, Play It Green, by pledging to become a climate positive workforce. In the first month alone, Elite Dynamics’ 19 staff have facilitated the planting of 247 trees to counter balance the business’ carbon footprint.

As well as improving their own business sustainability practices, Elite Dynamics will be enhancing its EliteParks park management solution to make it easier for holiday parks to also join the scheme.

Holiday parks will then be able to give their own customers and holiday home owners the opportunity to offset their travel to and from the park at the time of booking. Holiday parks can also add value to communications with customers and owners by providing ongoing practical tips on how to live more sustainably, plus offering discounts on a wide range of sustainable products.

Nicolette Aydin - Head of People & Business Transformation

Nicolette Aydin, Head of People & Business Transformation at Elite Dynamics, said: “As a business, we’re committed to doing everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment. Our staff work remotely from home. Our solutions are designed to digitise and streamline administrative, paper-based processes. And our new EliteAcademy is a digitised online training, coaching, and mentoring programme, which cuts down the need for our Consultants to travel between holiday parks across the country to deliver system training.

“We’ve been investing heavily in our business and our people over the last 12 months, through personal and professional training and development, and health and wellbeing initiatives. By partnering with Play It Green, we’re now also making a positive difference to the environment on their behalf by committing to planting trees for every single member of our team, thus continuing to set out our stall as an elite and responsible employer.

“We see this new partnership with Play It Green as a strong fit for us as a company and also for our customers. The holiday park and leisure resort industry already leads the way in terms of its sustainability efforts and many of our customers are streets ahead when it comes to their green and eco policies. We’re proud to work with so many forward-thinking businesses and we’re excited to help them showcase their existing environmental credentials, through a platform that will bring their good practices to life for their customers.

Richard Dickson of Play it Green

Richard Dickson, Co-founder and Head of Engagement at Play It Green said: “From governments to children around the world, everyone is aware climate change is an issue we all must do something about. The challenge to reach net zero by 2050 is huge, so practical action is a priority and this is a joint endeavour between nations, people and business. Play It Green support a few pieces of this complex jigsaw by helping everyone plant trees to offset carbon emissions and lower their carbon footprint through news, weekly tips and access to discounted sustainable alternatives.

“Our vision at Play It Green is to give people and businesses the power to be greener and enjoy their journey, so we are delighted to welcome Elite Dynamics as our official strategic holiday park industry partner. Not only have they taken the decision to be a more sustainable business, but through their innovative software solutions, they have the potential to offset hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers’ travel and plant millions of trees. With this unique industry-first collaboration we can create globally scalable positive outcomes, both environmentally and socially.”

For more information on Play It Green and how everyone – individuals through to large companies – can become part of the climate solution, visit

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