New Major Release 2021 - Wave 1 & 2

New Major Release 2022.1

New versions of all Elite Dynamics solutions are now available. We are also already working on a solution roadmap to plan the new features for our next release.

Below is an overview of the latest new software features:

New to EliteParks – 2022.1

Activities (NEW)

Feature: NEW Activities Module
Value: This new module provides functionality to manage scheduled on park activities for holidaymakers and holiday home owners. The Activity API also extends the functionality of the online booking process to allow holidaymakers to book their on-park activities at the same time as managing their holiday booking.

Booking API

Feature: Added Update Booking Availability Sample to API Tests
Value: This new feature allows any changes made to the booking API to be tested within EliteParks via an API test. This will help to ensure that modifications to this process, and more bespoke requirements, can be thoroughly tested.

Feature: Include Booking Attributes in Booking API
Value: This feature provides more information of a customers booking to the website. This can be especially useful when a customer visits their booking through the website and requires amendments to their original booking. The website will be able to fully action this process.

Booking Management

Feature: Booking Accruals Report
Value: This feature provides a report to allow booking income to be accounted for in the correct period. Users can run the report and opt to also create the journal in order to post the accrual.

Feature: Number of Pets Field
Value: To improve the visibility of information available from the booking card, this feature adds in the number of pets field to the booking view, enabling a quick glance on a by-booking basis of the number of pets that the customer is bringing.

Feature: Change Sublet Report
Value: This feature adds in the option to toggle ‘Customer Name’ from the Owner Sublet Report routine.

Data Import

Feature: Added Source to Maintenance Job 
Value: An additional field, source, has been introduced to the Maintenance Job card to identify how the job was added to the system. This allows for better reporting on Maintenance jobs and provides visibility of the original source of these jobs. This feature will also allow for targeted emails from EliteCRM. For example, if the source is Owner App a specific journey can now be triggered from the source field.

Deal Management

Feature: Added Ability to See all Deleted Deals from the Deleted Deal List. 
Value: This feature provides the user with full visibility on deals that have been deleted regardless of what deal type was created, ensuring that there is a full audit history for deals available within the system.

Feature: Added E-Mail, Phone No. and Mobile Phone Number to Issued Plot Booking Form Dataset 
Value: Additional fields are now available in the Plot Booking Form Dataset, meaning if Users want to create a customised version of the standard report, there are greater options of Mapping Fields to choose from.


Feature: Added ability to only show Triangulation specific Dimensions on the Triangulation Dimension fields of a Journal
Value: This feature provides improved management of intercompany transactions, ensuring that the User can only select a dimension relevant to intercompany.

Feature: Added ability to insert a Bank Account when Inserting Balancing Lines
Value: Improvements to the Journal forms when adding in Balancing Lines, ensuring that the method of inserting a Bank Account as an option alongside the G/L Account option.


Feature: Add Advanced Contact Creation Mode
Value: Contact creation is a core part of the customer journey in EliteParks and this feature allows for improved management of the creation of Contacts. This Advanced mode is available in setup, and allows the User to customise the requirements for contact creation for both manually added records as well as those created by an API or third-party integration.

Feature: Improve Contact Deduplication
Value: Improvements to the lookup performance of the contact deduplication process and configuration of deduplication setup in the system. This feature also adds in additional functionality to the Contact creation process working in line with the advanced contact creation mode as users will now be able to parametrise the variables used in the automatic contact creation process, helping to drive better data collection required for marketing and analysis.

Feature: Update EliteParks Role Centres
Value: We have included access across all EliteParks role centres to pages that are required across multiple areas of a business (Booking Availability, Booking Matrix, Point of Sale and Owners) This will allow for more efficient navigation, and less customer personalisation.

Feature: EliteParks Standard Documents in Word
Value: Standard documents have been recreated using an extended dataset in Word format, meaning customers can now create custom documents using our standard templates. This feature adds in Word layouts for various reports in EliteParks (Finance Sales Invoice, Booking Confirmation, POS Receipt, Private Sales Agreement, Unit Sales Agreement) providing the customer with the ability to amend these templates more readily.

Feature: Change Create Default Records Logic
Create Default Records can be selected to create the EliteParks User, User Setup, Salesperson/Purchase and Resource for any new Users. This feature allows the Create Default Records option to be selected for single or multiple Users, rather than historically working for all Users that do not currently have these records.


Feature: Resource No. on Multiple Job Creation 
Value: This feature adds functionality to add in an ‘Assigned Resource Number’ through the Create Multiple Maintenance Jobs routine, allowing customers to bulk assign these jobs created through this method and forgo the manual task of adding in a resource after the tasks are generated.

Park Management

Feature: Added ability to Manually Site Units which are not on plots
Value: To assist with the management of Units, this feature allows the customer to move Units when they are not currently on a Plot.

Feature: Changed Posting Date on Site Task to use Workdate
Value: This feature allows a User to alter the Posting Date for Site Tasks by adjusting the Workdate, so tasks completed in the past can be posted with the correct date.

Feature: Tow on / Tow off Functionality
Value: Site Tasks for storage customers can now be managed within EliteParks. This has been designed to streamline the creation of Site Tasks required when a Unit is moved from storage for a Booking.



Feature: Added “Last Updated DateTime” to Park Prices
Value: This feature introduces a new field to enable the User to see when the park prices were last updated, allowing for better visibility and improved reporting analysis.

Feature: Added support for OneConnect Endpoints 
Value: This feature allows integration from EliteParks to the new cloud-based version of the Hoseasons booking platform.

Feature: Add Ability to allow Date Drive Hoseasons Unit Mapping
Value: This feature adds in the ability for customers to control through setup, date parameters for Hoseasons Unit Mappings, providing a more advanced setup method. This allows for Multiple Supplier and Unit Codes to be applied to Pitches and Dates of the Booking to decide which mapping to use.

Feature: Expanded Hoseasons Import Routine
Value: This feature allows the integration with Hoseasons to provide the customer E-mail as part of the Booking Import. There is now an added tick box in the Hoseasons Booking Feed Setup table to use the miscellaneous field as E-mail if required. To accommodate this change, the text string length has also been increased to 250. (NEW)

Feature: PitchUp Integration
Value: EliteParks is now integrated with online booking platform PitchUp to make it easier than ever to manage bookings, allocation and sync data with EliteParks Booking Management for improved efficiency.


Feature: Added Url Endpoint to Setup Page 
Value: In order to improve onboarding of customer integration with our sustainability partner Play it Green, this feature allows a user to easily identify what the end point is by making this a field on the setup page.

Rentals United

Feature: Added “Last Updated Date Time” to Full Stay Prices
Value: This feature offers an additional field so that the user can see when the park prices were last updated, allowing for better visibility and improved reporting analysis.

Feature: Added Creation of Job Queues from Setup 
Value: Improves the onboarding and setup involved with the integration to Rentals United, removing the need to manually setup job queues.

Feature: Added “Booking Agent Code” to Rentals United Owner Agents
Value: Introduction of the option on the Rentals United Owner Agents to select a Booking Agent code. This feature improves reporting capabilities as it gives greater visibility of the channel used when Bookings are made in EliteParks through Rentals United Channel Manager.


Feature: Added support for different Entry Methods 
Value: An additional field within the Payment Gateway setup to allow customers to specify the Entry Method required for their SagePay integration.

Feature: Added “SagePay Apply 3-D Secure” and “SagePay Apply AvsCvc Check” to Setup
Value: To keep in line with required card payment checks, we have added options to the setup page for SagePay to allow for these types of checks to be flagged in the system and subsequently communicated to SagePay via the API.

Feature: SagePay Security Deposit for All Process
Value: The ability to take security deposits via the API for Bookings, Events and Activities.

Feature: SagePay tokenise for All Process
Value: The ability to tokenise a card and automatically take future payments for Bookings, Events and Activities.

New to EliteFinance – 2022.1

Feature: Blocking deletion of G/L accounts
Value: Maintenance of the chart of accounts takes place only a few times once it’s been set up, but it does occur. To help avoid accidental deletion of general ledger (G/L) accounts, this release wave adds an extra check.

Feature: Bank reconciliation
Value: The report for the posted bank reconciliations (bank account statements) has now been improved to allow for more efficient validation and auditing.

Feature: Check documents and journals in background
Value: To help users with visual indications of issues in documents and journals, we’ve introduced validations that can help prevent issues with posting before they happen.

Feature: Consolidate customer and vendor balances
Value: A company that you do business with might be both a customer and a vendor. When that’s the case, you can avoid making unnecessary payments or receipts and save on transaction fees by consolidating the customer and vendor balances.

Feature: More control over deferrals posting
Value: Most accounting controls are focused on the current accounting period. The deferrals functionality lets you automatically defer revenues and expenses over a specified schedule and multiple accounting periods, giving accountants more control over when people post deferrals.

Feature: Payment reconciliation journal
Value: Bank and payment reconciliations are key processes for all businesses because they provide an overview of whether the cash flow is accurate, and that all transactions have been accounted for. In this release we’ve made it even more efficient to use payment reconciliation journals.

Feature: Outlook add-in – add attachments from emails directly to Business Central documents
Value: Working with Business Central add-in for Outlook allows salespeople and decision makers to take direct action while communicating with customers. With this new change, we’re allowing any attachments sent by the customer via email to be added to Business Central records, and this way simplify the workflows and shorten the learning curve.

Feature: New capabilities for financial reporting with account schedules
Value: Account schedules are the main tool for creating user-defined financial reports. This release provides new capabilities for account schedules that make it easier for people to produce reports in the layout they desire.

Feature: Use Excel to design layouts for reports
Value: Users can now use Excel to create and edit layouts for reports.

Coming June 2022

Feature: Use different G/L accounts for payables and receivables transactions
Value: Sometimes businesses want to post payable and receivable transactions to a different G/L account than the one that is specified on the customer or vendor posting group—for example, in a case where a transaction is for a bad debt. Controllers can define policies for posting these non-standard transactions, and accountants can change them during posting.

New to EliteCRM – 2022.1

Feature: EliteCRM additional API Functionality
Value: This feature allows EliteCRM Diamond Customers to utilise the EliteParks OwnerAPI to push leads directly in EliteCRM without the need to rebuild the API.

Feature: Manage Contact Preferences in EliteParks or EliteCRM
Value: This feature allows you to control which system handles the Contact Preferences. If managed in EliteCRM this will allow better synchronisation with external marketing products and will still allow them to be updated in EliteParks.

Feature: Added ability to sync Company Contacts as part of the Contact sync
Value: This enhances the sync and means related records such as Bookings with a company contact will now be pushed to EliteCRM.

Feature: Added ability to sync Contact Preferences to Dataverse Contact
Value: This feature will work in conjunction with EliteCRM managing your Contact preferences and set the values on the EliteCRM Contact at Data takeon.

Feature: Modern Advanced Find
Value: This feature will allow users to create, modify and share views directly from the Dataverse search.

Feature: Create & Join Teams meetings from an Appointment
Value: You can now directly add a Teams meeting to a standard appointment in EliteCRM with a couple of clicks. Once created you will also be able to join a Teams meeting directly from the Appointment record

Feature: Dashboards & Charts
Value: Our standard Dashboards and Charts have been enhanced to show more relevant business areas. We have added activities dashboard for all users, additional charts on the Booking & Deals Dashboard and added multiple charts to new areas such as POS receipt lines, Safety Tests and more.

EliteAnalytics – 2022.1

Feature: EliteAnalytics Solution (NEW)
Value: This new feature allows more standard EliteParks reports with the PowerBi platform to give businesses access to a vast array of information that can be dynamically refreshed with up to date data to support business reporting and analysis.

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