New to 2019 - EliteParks App For Holiday Home Owners

New to 2019 – EliteParks App For Holiday Home Owners

New 2019 – EliteParks Owners App!

Brexit uncertainties, a slow recovery from the 2008 financial crisis, a weak pound, and inflation due to impact on house prices, have all encouraged the recent and rapid increase in holiday home ownership in Britain over the past two years. UK consumers are making more carefully considered choices when it comes to spending their money, and when choosing their next holiday destination.

However, and perhaps not surprisingly, the staycation boom planning of low-cost alternatives to overseas vacations is also met with increasingly sophisticated experiences, and longer-term lifestyle choices, such as holiday home ownership.

In response, many holiday parks have invested heavily in additional stock, site expansions and infrastructure and facilities including on-site shops, restaurants, bars, leisure complexes and recreational facilities.

Holiday home ownership offers an affordable second home alternative to bricks and mortar. Running costs are generally lower and your quality for other unique benefits including leisure club membership, site security, access to owner events and a real sense of community. Additionally, many park operators offer owners the option to earn rental income to offset your site fees through subletting schemes.

As holiday home ownership continues to grow in popularity, we understand more than anyone, that a growth in owners require more management and administration. Which is why at Elite, we have developed an Owners App as an extension of our EliteParks Solution to help reduce the strain on the back office. Your owners are crucial to the success of your business and that’s why our team have developed a tool that will help to keep your business running effectively while providing your owners with the ultimate “valued customer” experience.

So, what functions will you and your customers benefit from?

Our Owners App can be accessed on any smart phone, tablet or laptop, making it easy for your customer to access their account, anytime and from anywhere. The App has many design features with your owner customer needs in mind. Here are some of the core features and benefits below:

Welcome Email

Our EliteParks App enables you to set up a ‘welcome email that will automatically be sent to the customer, advising them to download the Owners App and set up an account.

  • Provides a personal experience, by acknowledging the new owners on their recent home purchase
  • Reduces administration in customer data capture as you collect more information securely stored in the app
  • Welcome new customers to the Park
  • Automation of email send triggered with every purchase

Login and user authentication

The customer login process and passwords are handled directly within the Owner App.

  • Centralises customer data
  • Give your owners direct access to their account
  • Reduces administration time in the back office
  • Ensures the accuracy of owner information and gives owners the opportunity to correct inaccuracies at any time

View/Change Owner Information

Owners can view or amend their contact information such as name, address, or contact preferences.

  • Ease of access to information within the App
  • Saves the customer time
  • Avoids the need for the owner to contact a member of the back-office team
  • Reduced administration time

Buy Point of Sale Items

The EliteParks Owners App gives customers control of their spending, allowing Owners to purchase items such as Gas bottles directly from the App at a push of a button.

  • Provides a direct channel for your Sales team to communicate special offers, promotions and last-minute deals to Owners
  • Allows owners to make orders directly through the App
  • Maximises sales opportunities and revenue stream opportunities with your Owners
  • Makes the Sales process easier for your Owners

Pay Invoices

Customers can pay off any outstanding invoices via our EliteParks Owners App.

  • Provide a Realtime balance enquiry
  • Store Owner invoice records for ease of access
  • Pay invoices directly from within the App
  • Reduces consuming administration between your Owners and your Accounts department

Create Maintenance Jobs

Customers can request and organise any maintenance work directly from the App.

  • Create new maintenance job requests and receive status updates
  • View all history of logged jobs
  • Maximises communication between the Maintenance team and your Owners

Sales Leads

Customers can submit a call back request for information from your Sales team regarding part exchange or private sales opportunities.

  • An ideal tool for Owners if your Sales team are busy
  • Direct communication between your Owners and Sales team
  • Reduces the need for ‘call-backs’
  • Reduces the chance of lost messages and administration errors
  • Improves the overall customer experience

Owner notifications

Send information, park news and updates, appointment details and special offers and customer queries via our EliteParks App.

  • Maximise productivity during busy times
  • Keep Owners up to date with the latest information
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Reduce marketing costs with digitalised promotional messaging

How will the Owners App benefit your team and Holiday Park overall?

We have worked with our current customers to develop our EliteParks Owners App and they are delighted with the results. It contains plenty of features to help you manage your Holiday Park operation efficiently and supports the creation of a highly effective customer experience for your holiday homeowners.

Here are some key benefits for your holiday park operation below:

  1. Ensure that you have an efficient system in place for effectively communicating with Owners
  2. Reduces the number of queries, as maintenance requests and records are carefully logged and managed to rectify any issues straight away
  3. Enhance your Owners overall holiday home ownership experience with maximum interaction
  4. Maximise revenue streams with cross-selling and upselling of products across the park
  5. Communicate quickly and effectively with your Owners
  6. Ensure Owner records are well maintained, up to date and accurate
  7. Connect your Owners to your management team and record all communications

Our EliteParks Owners App is a new addition to our solution portfolio, brought to you by Elite Dynamics, available to EliteParks software customers. It helps to connect your Park Management team with your Owners to ensure the best holiday home ownership experience through increased efficiency, time saving and enhanced communication.

If you wish to find out more about our EliteParks App and how this could benefit your holiday park operationplease get in touch for a no-obligation DEMO

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