Is your current park management system flexible enough to adapt to the changes influenced by Covid 19?

With the ever changing restrictions and policies around the COVID 19 pandemic and with customers moving or cancelling holidays continuing to be a common theme for the travel industry,  it is essential that your park management system can adapt to constant changes, ensuring you continue to provide an excellent customer experience.

With COVID 19 continuing to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it is more essential than ever that your holiday park is running smoothly from the moment a customer makes a booking, for the duration of their stay and through your general park maintenance in-line with new policies and procedures.

Working in partnership with Elite Dynamics you can do just that! Manage all your park logistics in one place, from bookings, finance, maintenance and marketing – Running your holiday park has never been so efficient.

Keeping Technology at the Forefront

As the most advanced management software solutions for the holiday park industry, Elite Dynamics fully-integrated management systems allow you to access everything from bookings, banking and accounts to housekeeping, maintenance, customer relationship management (CRM) functions – all within a single integrated dashboard. 

Now more than ever, holiday homeowners and holidaymakers want to be able to access their accounts, make holiday bookings and payments, book activities, make reservations and manage their account online. Realistically people expect to be able to access everything from their mobile phone, tablet or laptop, they don’t want to have to pick up the phone to pay an invoice or amend a booking.

Elite Dynamics design their systems to provide clear functionality and flexibility of bookings from one central calendar. Manage holiday cancellations and date movements while providing reassurance to your customers through an effective and clear communication process throughout their holiday booking process, providing much-needed peace of mind during such an uncertain time.

Take the next step in discovering how your business could benefit from implementing Elite Dynamics technology – get in touch with a member of our experienced team today and we will be happy to help.

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