Top Reasons to Invest in EliteParks

Top Reasons to Invest in EliteParks

An ‘All in One’ Solution

One of the best things about EliteParks is that it brings every aspect of your park management under one roof, into one easy to use package.

Whether it’s sales, leads, bookings, owner management, membership or finance, EliteParks consolidates everything into one solution, meaning you and your team no longer have to rely on multiple software programmes.

Keeping Up with the Competition

It’s always important to keep up with the competition in your field, or even to try and get ahead of the curve if you can do, which is why it’s crucial that your park has an up to date and effective park management solution.

It can feel like a big commitment investing in a new piece of software such as this, but if you’ve seen the benefits that it can bring to another park (including our own customers), then you’ll see why so many parks are choosing to upgrade their systems.

An Easier Customer Journey

EliteParks doesn’t just make life easier for your team, but also for your customers too, giving them a seamless transition through the various stages of the buyer’s journey and making it as easy as possible for them to place a booking.

If the booking process isn’t as easy as possible, potential guests will simply abandon the process and look elsewhere, so it might be worth upgrading if you’re noticing lots of customers dropping out of the buyer’s journey before converting.

Close More Sales

Ultimately, sales are the most important to thing to any business and that’s one of the main focuses of EliteParks.

Firstly, our lead management module helps you to capture more leads and effectively manage them, allowing you to view all previous interactions, leads and holidays, with stage and status management for pipeline funnel reporting and integration to Microsoft Outlook for call-backs and appointments.

And when it comes to closing a deal, EliteParks also helps to make the sales process flow as quickly as possible with ‘Deal Stacker’ and ‘Quick Quote’ features.

Industry Experience

While it’s all well and good creating a top piece of software, it needs to take into account the needs of genuine park owners.

That’s why our whole team here at Elite Dynamics have real experience of working in the caravan and holiday home industry, with a shared wealth of over 70 years in the business, both here in the UK and in the North America too.

And our experience isn’t just limited to providing IT solutions to the industry, but also working within it as well, so you can be confident that we understand what it takes for a park to run smoothly.

Customer Support

We know that your time is best spent running your park, not trying to keep all of your software systems running, which is why we have an extensive customer support system on hand for any queries you might have.

Not only do we have a section of our site dedicated to video demos showing you how to use the software, but our team are always on hand via email or phone to help you with any queries you might have about the platform.

You can also click here to request a demo and try EliteParks out for yourself before signing up.

Data Security

Data security has been in the spotlight (and our email inboxes!) quite a lot in recent weeks due to the implications of GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation).

It’s likely that your marketing team hold a lot of data for your visitors and leads, but EliteParks gives you full control over all your campaigns and contacts, making it easy for you to allow them opt-out of any marketing activities if they so wish.

As our software is based on the GDPR-ready Microsoft Dynamics platform, it provides you and your users with a secure cloud-based storage system which you can rely on keeping all of the data that you hold secure.

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