New CRM System for Holiday Parks

Seven signs your business needs a new CRM System 

We all know that changing your business’ internal processes and tools can be a big decision, particularly where there’s a requirement for financial investment. 

As your business grows and your customer base increases, it becomes more difficult to maintain effective customer relationships and a high level of service, without significant processes in place. In order to engage better with your customers, it is vital that you evaluate the tools you use and a highly effective CRM system could be just the answer. 

If you are wondering whether your holiday park or residential park should change its current CRM platform, here are seven signs you should look out for: 

#1 Poor Integration 

Do you currently have multiple, non-integrated IT systems across your departments, causing your customer data to quickly become misplaced, disorganised and outdated?  

If your CRM system doesn’t integrate with your other business systems, then it is time to make the switch. If your team is having to spend time manually entering information into each separate system, this can be frustrating and time consuming for your workforce and extremely inefficient for your business operations. 

#2 No Mobile Capabilities 

If your team is unable to access your CRM anywhere from their mobile devices, then you could be missing out on lots of opportunities for your business. This is especially important for your housekeeping and maintenance teams when they’re out on park and require remote access to the system to update jobs. Having access to remote functionality improves efficiency and collaboration between all teams and departments. 

#3 It doesn’t work across all departments 

If your CRM works well for one department but not for others, then it’s not going to help business growth in the long term. Lack of all-round usability makes it difficult to gather and share information across multiple departments, which is fundamental if you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your administrative processes. 

#4 Lacks Growth Potential 

You need a system that can sustain your company’s growth. If your current CRM doesn’t have the potential to be developed and grow with your company, then it is time to find one that is setup to accommodate your future growth plans and strategies. 

#5 Not user friendly 

Do you find it difficult to search and navigate around your current CRM? Or perhaps you are even managing your customer relationships by spreadsheet (trust us – you won’t be alone!). You could be missing out on bookings and holiday home sales due to delays in acknowledging your enquiries, due to a poorly structured CRM system that doesn’t notify team members of these monetary opportunities. 

#6 Poor Sales Visibility 

For businesses to grow, it’s essential for you to fully understand the status, progress and output of your sales team at all times. Without a dedicated CRM software in place this can be hard or often extremely time consuming to achieve. An effective CRM will show you the sales pipeline, and be able to show every team member the timeline of communication between a customer and a member of your organisation. 

#7 It’s all you talk about 

Are you and your team getting more and more frustrated with the current CRM, which is then affecting the service you provide your customers? Are these frustrations all you talk about?  

Your CRM may have once worked perfectly for you, but as your business has grown it can no longer be relied on. It’s time for a change. 

Transform your customer relationships with EliteCRM 

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, EliteCRM, is a centralised, automated, Microsoft Dynamics-powered software solution. EliteCRM will transform your customer relationships and streamline your park’s administrative processes across your sales, marketing and customer service departments for more relevant, valuable and productive customer insight.  

EliteCRM has been developed to support business growth and profitability, with only the holiday park industry in mind. If you are looking to achieve a competitive edge in the industry, our CRM system will help you to build and maintain the customer relationships that truly matter. 

Built on, and powered by, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, EliteCRM is designed to help boost your holiday park sales and improve your customer’s experience by guiding your sales team through the journey of prospect to established customer and beyond. EliteCRM tracks and monitors all customer interaction – keeping everyone up to date. 

At Elite Dynamics all of our IT business solutions, specifically built for holiday home and parks’ industry businesses, work seamlessly together and are available in the cloud, so can be accessed at any time and from any location. 

Get in touch today to see how EliteCRM can transform your business.  

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