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Sustainability for the Holiday Home and Parks’ Industry

Sustainability is a hot topic across all industries at the moment and the holiday home and parks industry is no different.

Staycations in the UK have surged with Brits doing their bit by reducing the amount they fly to help lower their carbon footprint. According to the latest reports from Prudential UK, 36% of Brits are choosing to holiday in the UK. While Covid restrictions remain in place, UK staycations continue to be popular but it is expected that they are here to stay, with 38% of Brits claiming they’ll continue to opt for UK holidays post-COVID, even when travel restrictions are fully lifted.

Not only can the implementation of environmental sustainability within your holiday home or holiday park reduce costs at your park, but it will attract staycation holiday makers on the lookout for more environmentally friendly getaways, which will ultimately boost your profits.

With most holiday parks and resorts situated on the coast and areas of outstanding natural beauty, it is essential that we keep sustainability in mind, ensuring our parks are protected.

Boost your holiday home or holiday park’s sustainability

Whether you are wanting to cut utility bills, improve your environmental impact or enhance guest experience, taking a ‘green’ or ‘sustainable approach’ makes good business sense. Building in a sustainable approach is about improving the management of your business – using resources more efficiently, adding to the offerings you provide your guests and improving relationships with your holiday park’s neighbours and staff.

Start to make a change by considering how your holiday home or holiday park could:

Save water

Water is crucial to providing guests with a comfortable, enjoyable stay. From filling the pool to keeping guests clean, a significant amount of water is used across a holiday park every single day.

Reduce plastic waste

There are so many ways you can go plastic-free at your holiday park or resort. Ways to reduce your plastic usage include providing reusable water bottles and straws, and reducing packaging or using eco friendly packaging, across the board.

Improve recycling and waste disposal

Providing waste disposal areas across your holiday park and resort are some of the simplest ways you can reduce littering.

Make your park or holiday home more energy efficient

Install energy-efficient lighting and A-rated appliances to ensure your holiday home or holiday park is working better for the environment.

Committed to a sustainable future

Elite Dynamics recently partnered with an environmental start-up, Play It Green, in a bid to encourage the industry, holiday home owners, and holidaymakers to up their environmental efforts.

Play It Green provides businesses with a simple and cost effective way to be more sustainable, do good and grow their brand, all whilst addressing the climate emergency we find our planet in.

Upcoming enhancements to EliteParks, our fully-integrated park management solution, will make it easier for holiday park operators, their holidaymakers and owners, to become more sustainable too. Watch this space…

Why not get in touch to find out how Elite Dynamics can support your holiday park business in becoming more sustainable and arrange a no-obligation demonstration. 

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