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Create a sustainable business: Top 10 Benefits to Park Operators 

Create a sustainable business: Top 10 Benefits to Park Operators 

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to businesses and their customers all throughout the UK. For the holiday homes and parks’ industry, this is no different. More and more people are becoming aware of the environmental impact of their travelling and after the rise in staycations due to Covid-19 restrictions, it seems that this will only increase in the future. 

Through our partnership, Play it Green is offering a way to make it easy for holiday park operators to become more sustainable with our new EliteParks software plugin. 

Who Are Play it Green? 

Play it Green offer people and businesses a simple 3-step solution to becoming climate positive. For a small subscription fee, you can repair the environment and balance your carbon impact through reforestation, reduce your footprint with weekly tips and discounts on sustainable products, and re-give 10% to a good cause of your choice. 

The EliteParks park management system sustainability app, will allow holidaymakers to offset their return journey to the park through reforestation. If they do not opt-out, they will also receive tips and discounts on sustainable alternatives aimed specifically at holiday park holidays. At a later point, they will be given the option to join Play it Green to take even more steps to become sustainable.  

Why become a sustainable park operator? 

As sustainability becomes more important, Play it Green’s simple solution offers some great benefits to holiday parks: 

It’s a low-risk solution 

Many other methods of enhancing your sustainability are expensive and time-consuming, whereas Play it Green is offering a low-cost, low-risk solution that will help your business grow. 

It strengthens your brand

Increasing your focus on sustainability will enhance your brand, especially with an emphasis on staycations being good for the environment. You will also have a link to an award-winning sustainability company in Play it Green. 

It attracts new customers 

A growing number of consumers are becoming more environmentally aware, particularly younger generations, and increasing your focus on sustainability will help attract a more diverse range of customers. 

It reduces your footprint 

You will be helping to repair the planet through reforestation, helping to fight climate change by reducing your carbon footprint and having a social impact, with 10% of everything Play it Green makes going to good causes. 

It creates marketing opportunities 

You will be able to increase awareness of your holiday park through social media advertising, promotional badges, tree counters and other customer engagements tools from Play it Green. 

It increases your revenue 

By enhancing your brand, providing marketing opportunities and expanding your customer base, Play it Green’s sustainability solution will help your business grow and increase your revenue. 

It attracts better employees 

As a demand for environmental impact grows, many employees are looking to work at places making a difference. This is especially the case for Gen-z and Millennials, the fastest-growing workers base in the UK. 

It helps you retain more customers 

Just as being more environmentally aware helps attract new customers, people are also more likely to stay loyal to companies who make sustainability a priority. 

It can change behaviour on a large scale 

Not only will you be having a positive impact on the environment, but by giving customers the option to join Play it Green you also have the chance to change behaviour on a much larger scale, making your impact even greater. You can even sign your park workforce up to the Play It Green Climate Positive Workforce for £5/person/month and offset their entire footprint, whilst giving them access to tips and education to lower their footprint. 

You get access to Play It Green’s wider sustainability network 

Play It Green focuses not just on reforestation, but also footprint reduction. Play It Green has a wide network of sustainability experts offering anything from SECR (Carbon Reporting) to solar installation, from Carbon Literacy training to e-bike manufacturers. 

A Simple Solution to Sustainability 

Play it Green’s simple solution, provided through Elite Dynamics’ EliteParks park management system, comes with many added benefits. Most importantly, it allows you to do good for the planet while also growing your business and revenue. 

Play It Green can offer all the tools needed to begin your journey to net zero and it starts with something as simple as a tree. Together, we can create the opportunity for long-term sustainable growth. 

Get in touch to find out more and arrange a no obligation demonstration.

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