Third-Party Integration Options with EliteParks

Third-Party Integration Options with EliteParks

Managing a holiday park brings with it several big challenges which you are bound to face. From marketing the park to overseeing the daily upkeep, a holiday park owners’ job is all-encompassing. This is why it is particularly helpful to have tools that can make life that little bit easier.

When you choose to use our software, EliteParks, you get a tool that will help in many key areas of managing your holiday park, from finances to managing your reservations. Our complete software solution brings everything together and has a number of third-party integration options available too. We’ve are constantly developing our software in order to give an even greater range of integration options, so let’s look at those currently available to our customers.

Integration Options

EliteParks can be integrated with several online travel agents (OTA’s) and third-party industry partners. These include:

  • Hoseasons
  • Glass’s Guide

Hoseasons is our latest integration and now allows customers to see your availability, important features, and key information about your holiday park and accommodation. Hoseasons boasts over 30 million unique web visitors every year as well as a social media reach of over 90 million, so this integration will be incredibly beneficial for park owners and managers.

The Benefits of Third-Party OTA Integrations

There are plenty of benefits of having integrated software that links up to online travel agents. One of the biggest benefits of third-party integrations is the fact that you get even more marketing exposure than if you were only taking bookings through your own website. Consumers may find it easier to book through third-party websites, as they are able to compare prices and features of different holiday parks. In reality, unless they already have a relationship or prior knowledge of your holiday park, they are less likely to find you online first.

Benefits to EliteParks users of third-party system integration:

  1. Automatically record bookings from your own Park website
  2. Post your Parks availability, amend accommodation type and pricing
  3. Remove the risk of overbooking
  4. Automatically synchronise your availability across all your distribution channels in real time
  5. Centralise all bookings into one system from a single interface
  6. Analyse which channels generate the most bookings and maximise revenue
  7. Reduce administration with less booking systems to update
  8. User friendly interface, which is easy to use

As well as this, you can also benefit from the increased efficiency that comes with integration to third-party sites. As your availability is fully integrated with these sites, you reduce the risk of double bookings. The software saves you time and effort and makes sure that your details and offers stay up-to-date and accurate.

This added ease is also beneficial as prospective customers are far more likely to convert to a customer when they can do things simply and quickly. A booking form that takes 10 minutes to fill out and is overly complicated is likely to put off customers, but when they can make reservations through popular third-party travel agents, you increase your chances of a sales conversion.

The Benefits of Third-Party Trade Tools Integration

The Glasses Guide offers the fastest and more comprehensive valuation and benchmarking tool, providing accurate information to help you trade more profitably. The integration with our EliteParks solutions enables you to get accurate trade-in, valuation and asking prices for trade and retail holiday home valuations; ensuring profitable business making decisions.

With these updates, it’s a better time than ever to find out more and invest in EliteParks to take your holiday park management to the next level. We can offer you a walk-through of how the software works so you can see how it could benefit your business. Get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to arrange a demo and answer any questions you may have.

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