Top 10 Benefits of Investing in EliteParks

Top 10 Benefits of Investing in EliteParks

Investing in a new park management system can be costly and that’s why it’s important you choose a solution which not only gives you back all your initial investment, but helps to improve your sales, growth and profits in the future.

EliteParks is the most advanced park management solution on the market and the benefits you will receive from investing with us are endless. With over 80 years of experience working within, and providing IT solutions to the UK holiday park industry, we know exactly what you need when it comes to your management system.
To make this process easy for you, we have listed what we believe to be the top 10 benefits of investing in our solution:

1. Connect your whole holiday park together
There are many benefits to having an “all-in-one” solution like EliteParks. We feel that the most important benefit to you, is how the system connects your whole holiday park together. As your holiday park grows it can be difficult to feel connected with all other departments, if you are still using an outdated system. EliteParks connects your whole park together, which improves your communication and allows your team to work collaboratively to improve efficiency, sales and overall profits.

2. Benefit from a function rich solution
Not only does EliteParks connect your whole business together, but it also provides functionality to control the management of your holiday park. Our specialists have developed modules to cover all aspects of your business, including sales and leads, owners, marketing, reservations, park management and financial management. Each department has its own function-rich module to help your team complete their daily tasks in the most efficient way.

3. Improve communication and efficiency within your team
With that in mind, connecting your holiday park in such a way, helps to improve your team’s communication and overall efficiency. Our solution ensures that your team have all the information they need at their fingertips. This helps to reduce the time spent on meetings, telephone calls and emails, as everything they need to know is all in one location. Reducing the time your team spend on communicating in these ways, ensures they have more time to concentrate on their specific tasks. The efficiency of your team is also improved due to motivation. Our solution provides them with all the necessary tools they need, to excel at their job. If they excel at their job, you will reward them in some way (we hope) and thus motivation and productivity is increased, all from our solution! It really is that simple.

4. Improve your customer service and loyalty
Not only does our solution improve your team’s communication and productivity, but it also provides them with the resources they need to improve your customer service. Providing good customer service within the holiday park industry is extremely important, as customer’s have high expectations, especially when it comes to booking holidays. It is vital that your sales and marketing team work collaboratively to ensure the customer’s journey is seamless with minimal errors. Our EliteParks solution provides both departments with all the necessary tools they need to provide seamless customer service. Click here for more details on the specific functionality our solution has to offer.

5. Improve your conversions and profits
Improving your customer service in such a way naturally increases your conversions and profits. If your customers are happy with the service they received from your sales and marketing team, then they will keep your Park in mind when they want to book another holiday. Not only that, but we are sure they will spread the word to all their family and friends, about the great customer service they received. Improving your efficiency and customer service helps to increase your conversions and profits in the long run, which means that you have more money to spend on areas of your business which may need improving. Also, investing in our integrated solution means a reduction in costs associated with things such as data gathering and reconciliation, giving you and your staff more time to manage, analyse and report on business performance.

6. Keep a closer eye on figures with our comprehensive finance functionality
As your conversions and profits grow, you will need to keep a closer eye on your overall figures. EliteParks is the only holiday park software oin the market with a fully functional finance module. It provides you with real-time figures from across your whole business, in one solution. This is an important tool for all departments, to check how profitable the business is on a daily basis and to ensure targets are met. For the Managers and Directors, this is a vital tool to gain real insight into the revenue and costs of your park, which helps you to make informed decisions about the business and gives you extra control over your expenditure.

7. Track projects, create estimates and utilise reporting
Our solution allows you to keep a closer eye on figures, whilst also giving you an insight to the progress of your projects. With EliteParks you are able to benefit from reporting functionality which ensures that you can create estimates and track your projects easier. This allows you to see where opportunities are throughout each department in your business, so you never miss a lead or opportunity. Our solution allows you to create and publish detailed reporting across the entire business, with quality data, sourced from all departments. This ensures that collectively you can analyse your “stat-pack”, to get a better insight on your business’s operational and financial performance, so you can concentrate on improving the correct areas of your processes.

8. Have full visibility on your supply chain, manufacturing and operations
Keeping a closer eye on your projects is important and this is why EliteParks allows you to have full visibility on your supply chain, manufacturing and operations to ensure you can track and manage your production, inventory, orders and vendors all from one system. This provides you with insight on your stock levels for different departments and areas all over your holiday park, making your supply chain’s job easier to manage and reducing the time spent communicating across the whole business. Utilising EliteParks in this way helps to ensure you have a more efficient ordering and operational process in place, to aid the general running of your business as it grows.

9. Improve your data security
As your holiday park begins to grow, it’s important to take a moment to check the security of all your data. It’s likely that your sales and marketing team hold a lot of data about your visitors and leads, this is why EliteParks gives you full control over all your campaigns and contacts, making it easy for you to allow them to opt-out of any marketing activities if they wish. Also, as our solution is based on the GDPR-ready Microsoft Dynamics platform, it provides you and your users with a secure cloud-based storage system, which you can rely on.

10. Ongoing customer support
We know that your main priority is to run your holiday park, not to try and keep your IT solutions running smoothly. EliteParks automates a lot of this for you so you can concentrate on doing your job. Here at Elite Dynamics we are here to provide you with ongoing support as your holiday park grows. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are always on hand via email or phone to help you with any queries you might have about the platform.

If reading this blog has made you question your current park management solution and you’re interested to find out more about how EliteParks could help to benefit your own business, please do get in touch with us to request a demo so we can show you what it’s all about!

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