Utilising EliteCRM to forecast and plan for future business growth

CRM for Holiday home manufacturers & suppliers…

CRM, the way you manage & communicate with your customers, prospects, suppliers and staff can transform your business. The right CRM platform can offer great benefits for you, your staff and customers, which is why Elite Dynamics have developed EliteCRM for Manufacturers. A platform of technology to support your business growth and improved business efficiencies by having all sales, marketing, customer service and operational information in one easy-to-use automated platform.

A quality CRM platform can offer your business more than just automating and streamlining your sales, marketing and customer service processes. It can provide valuable business insight, a platform to grow and specific business area insight to help with forecasting and planning your future business growth.

Built on the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology, EliteCRM for Manufacturers has been designed to improve supply chain management, visibility and to simplify processes for maximum profitability.

Sales and Pipeline Management

With the right CRM, your sales team get a holistic view of the customer, their needs and interactions with your business. They can use the pipeline tool to flag where the customer is in the sales process and the potential value of the contract. Automations can be set up to ensure follow up’s at specific points, so no opportunity is missed to close a sale.

Pipeline reporting helps you estimate the level and value of orders coming through, allowing you to more accurately forecast cashflow. You can also identify any potential manufacturing bottlenecks or lulls, allowing you to effectively manage staffing and communicate lead times to customers to manage their expectations.

Marketing Efficiencies

You can exploit advanced reporting tools to identify the characteristics of your most profitable customers, allowing you to foster the relationships that matter. Our system allows you to build more informed marketing plans and strategies; knowing your customers and their behaviour on a more in-depth level can help fine tune your targeting and media choices, creating a greater ROI from your campaigns. Better campaign tracking enables you to identify the most responsive customers, scheduling follow ups based on their behaviour and requirements. Marketing automations take pressure off your marketing team and ensure communications are timely and relevant.

Improved Customer and After Sales Service

Cloud-based and mobile-enabled, real-time customer or supply chain information can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device. Your staff have the information at their fingertips required to foster quality relationship, improving customer service and retention. An automated after sales process can also be set up to allow any potential issues to be raised and dealt with early. Link the sale history to the customer service case for full visibility of the customer cycle.

Field services can utilise our advanced GPS based mapping system to dispatch the right resource to the right location in a timely manner; all seamlessly communicated with the customer. Cutting down on drive times and increasing technician efficiency.

Resource planning and utilisation will give you real time reporting on what resources are where and doing what, as well as future planning and resource allocation.

Integrated web forms and automated data capture can streamline the warranty and claims processes and you can allocate monitorable tasks to individuals, improving the customer journey. Reporting enables you to produce a full customer and park analysis.

Happy customers are more likely to return to existing suppliers with less support and marketing spend, lowering costs and improving profitability. They are also more likely to become brand advocates, recommending you to other friends, industry contacts and providing testimonials for your portfolio.

Effective Forward Planning

Developed with holiday home manufacturers and suppliers in mind, our EliteCRM software solution will transform your core operations and improve your customer’s experience by guiding your sales team through the journey of prospect to established customer, and beyond, whilst providing you with all the information you need to monitor sales and their progress.

You can run reports which offer invaluable insights allowing you to base your management decisions on data. You can forecast future sales more accurately based on qualified leads and feed this information into the manufacturing process, allowing you to manage production and ordering more efficiently. You can also use the sales data to identify trends and growing markets, helping you to discover opportunities and plan for the longer-term future.

To find out more about our unique CRM system designed specifically for holiday home manufacturers and suppliers, contact us for a no obligation demonstration to see the software in action.

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