Virtual Customer Day 2021

Virtual Customer Day Review 2021

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in the Elite Dynamics Virtual Customer Day. We hope all our customers managed to take something useful and positive away from each of the sessions; whether it’s excitement about our new functionality and growing product suite, or useful nuggets of advice and insight from our guest panel of experienced industry professionals. There was a real feeling of optimism about the holiday park industry, which given the challenges of the last 12 months, is a testament to all involved and we’re proud to play our part.

Some of the highlights from the day included:

  • A first look at EliteAcademy – the new training and support platform giving Elite customers 24/7 access to Elite training materials.
  • Updates from Elite’s senior team on Microsoft developments and new industry partnerships.
  • The introduction of our new Elite Customer Service Programme, which will include health checks to make sure customers are getting everything they need from their Elite Dynamics products.
  • Deep dives into the Microsoft Power Platform, including the business benefits and how it gives customers a competitive advantage.
  • Discussions around how SaaS and cloud-based subscription models are the future and how they’re following the trend of what we’re used to as consumers (i.e. Netflix etc).
  • A summary of all enhancements and new developments, such as the new Housekeeping module to our flagship EliteParks solution.

Our MD, Jamaine Campbell, acknowledged the progress made within Elite Dynamics since our inception in 2015, but was clear about the continued need to test ourselves and operate on the periphery of our skills, knowledge and desire. He laid out our ongoing commitment to challenge the industry, bring fresh innovation to customers and he reinforced how the Elite team won’t ever stand still, adding: “We won’t stop. There is no end game for us in terms of the technology we can bring to the industry to streamline our customers’ business processes, to increase efficiency, to increase profits, and to reduce costs. These are the real life benefits we bring.”

We also heard an assurance from our Head of People and Business Transformation, Nicolette, that our customers’ business and future is in safe hands. She went on to explain that Elite customers have partnered with a trusted advisor. What we do isn’t just about the product, it’s about making sure the holiday park industry has the best of the best from people who really care and value the industry.

Nicolette touched on how having an agile mindset and an established remote way of working meant the Elite team never lost any momentum over the last 12 months, at a time when customers needed us most. In the wake of Covid, we didn’t downsize or cut costs. Instead, we invested more in our people, recruitment, coaching, training, professional qualifications, research & development, and marketing – all because we put people, our staff and customers, first.

Jack Vernon, our technical leader, and architect of all our solutions, laid out our immediate ambition of having our flagship solution, EliteParks, as a SaaS offering running on Office365. Achieving this in 2021 will allow Elite, alongside our customers, to really grow the future technology. He went on to explain the huge advantages of the Microsoft Power Platform and how it will put our customers completely in control – even enabling them to build their own no-code apps through PowerApps and build their own reports through PowerBI.

Toward the end of the afternoon, we were kindly joined by three industry professionals and existing Elite Dynamics customers, Sam Wall, Ryan Johnson, and Michael Procyshyn, for an ‘Ask the Customer’ Q&A session. All three shared some good advice and spoke about their experiences of implementing and using our solutions, as well as their high expectations of the year ahead for the holiday park industry.

Jamaine finished by thanking every single one of our Elite customers for their continued support, engagement, belief, and trust in our team – particularly over the last 12 months when many had the courage of their convictions to invest in technology when the market (and the world!) slowed.

For anyone who missed it, the full event plus all presentations are available to watch again. Contact your Account Manager for more information.

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