What is a CRM system and does my business need one?

What is CRM?

A customer relationship management or CRM system is a piece of software which helps you to substantially improve the efficiency of your sales, marketing and customer service processes. It enables you to manage interactions and relationships with all your customers in one place and provides valuable customer insight as well as available to your staff anywhere, anytime on any device.

The right CRM system can offer great benefits for you, your staff and customers, which is why Elite Dynamics have developed EliteCRM as part of their fully integrated management software solutions.

EliteCRM is the only customer relationship management solution specifically for the holiday park Industry and has been developed to support business growth and profitability. If you are looking to achieve a competitive edge in the industry, this CRM system will help you to build and maintain the customer relationships that truly matter.

Why do I need a CRM system?

A quality CRM solution keeps and centralises all the data for each of your customers in one place, allowing you to store all the information you need to grow and maintain your customer relationships.

You can track customer’s booking histories, see who people travel with, how far in advance they book, specific booking patterns, anything crucial for encouraging repeat bookings. You can then tailor which of your marketing communications they receive, to suit that individual.

Your staff have the information at their fingertips required to foster quality relationships, improving customer service and retention. Automation can help streamline processes and you can allocate tasks at relevant points, improving the customer journey. Happy customers are more likely to re-book with less support and marketing spend, lowering costs and improving profitability.

The data can help you identify the characteristics of your most loyal visitors and allow you to target them with the right opportunity at the right time to convert them to holiday home ownership or holiday opportunities.

You can run reports which offer invaluable insights allowing you to base your management decisions on data. You can identify trends and growing markets, helping you to discover opportunities and plan for the future.

Who benefits from EliteCRM ?


  • Customer & prospect insight like never before from open rates and click throughs to social media and website analysis
  • Identify characteristics of your most profitable customers, allowing you to foster the relationships that matter
  • Identify trigger points for individuals, so you can send them the right communication, in the right way, at the right time
  • The data can help inform your marketing planning. Knowing your customers and their behaviour on a more in-depth level can help inform your targeting and media choices, creating a greater ROI from your campaigns
  • You can easily track your campaigns and identify the most responsive customers, scheduling follow ups based on their behaviour


  • There is no duplication of people chasing the same lead, if a sales lead is allocated to a member of the team everyone can see the activity and communications and act accordingly
  • Use automation to set internal reminders so leads are never left dormant
  • A pipeline helps you get an overview of where potential sales are allowing you to forecast and focus on those who just need that extra help to close
  • The reporting and dashboard allow you to focus on the potentially higher value sales and those most likely to convert
  • You can track behaviour and use this to identify potential opportunities

Customer Service

  • Everyone has access to a customer’s history of interactions so you have everything you need to manage enquiries or deal with issues in a professional and informed manner
  • Link the customers bookings or deals directly to the customer service case for the full end-to-end visibility of the sales and customer service process
  • Automations such as pre-visit information and cross-selling opportunities can be set up, enhancing the customer experience, and streamlining the customer journey
  • Good communications allow any potential issues to be picked up early and dealt with

The Customer

  • Customers can have more ownership and choice in how you communicate with them, offering them a more personalised service and making them feel valued
  • Understanding your customers needs means you can send them timely and relevant communications, so they don’t feel bombarded
  • Quality customer service and relationships deliver a better customer experience and greater satisfaction

The Business!

Investing in a quality CRM solution such as EliteCRM for your holiday park/leisure park or resort can give you the competitive advantage needed. The loyalty of your customers and all the benefits that entails, is primarily influenced by the quality of your relationship with them. Managing those relationships is key to a profitable future.

For more information about EliteCRM for holiday parks, book a no obligation consultation and demonstration online now!

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