Why Holiday Parks Love Using EliteParks

Why Holiday Parks Love Using EliteParks

Our EliteParks software can assist holiday and caravan parks in many areas of their park operation, including marketing, sales, operations and finance.

At Elite Dynamics HQ, we’re a little biased about the quality of our software solutions. We’ve shown its the most advanced solution on the market and while we could tell you more, we’ll show you why holiday parks nationwide, love using Elite.

Park Leisure Drive Grand Plans

National holiday home group Park Leisure, required a CRM system to put the customer at the heart of their sales, marketing and customer service experience. A crucial element to any expanding business, is the slick management of all customer communication and records.

Since starting their work with Elite, Park Leisure are well on their way to achieving excellent customer relationships, with the revolutionary EliteCRM solution. The fully integrated solution, allows Park Leisure to identify customers and prospects in a more efficient, targeted way. Plus they can improve the consistency of both the pre-sale and post-sale processes, providing clear insight to customer buying patterns, park feedback and the overall holiday experience.

Park Leisure aren’t done improving either! They have grand plans to become more customer focused, by exploring the possibility of a customer self-service portal. This can be supported by their existing platform with the EliteParks software, the gateway to further growth.

Great Blue Resorts Implement Excellence

Like a large number of holiday resorts, Great Blue Resorts, had a wide range of IT programs across their various business departments, resulting in a need for a comprehensive system that offers everything in one package.

Due to constant and sustainable growth, they needed a platform that could evolve and grow with them. They were stuck in their search until they found EliteParks.

In comparison to their previous solution, Great Blue Resorts said that EliteParks is “a much more advanced solution, with more options and functionalities. It even allows us to manipulate the solution in a way which will work for us.”

Since the successful migration to EliteParks, the group of resorts has found that by having everything they need in one place, their internal processes have become far more efficient, saving time and money, allowing for further growth of the group.

Read more about their experience here!

Royale Running A Tight Ship With EliteParks

Family run residential park Royale, have a reputation for excellence, which means they needed a solution to help them excel, both front of house and in the back office.

Despite a fantastic offering for park owners, some of their office processes relied on paper-based records and isolated spreadsheets, which did the job, but needed to evolve as more people joined the team.

Through signing up to work with the EliteParks software, Royale began to use the system for leads, bookings, sales, general park management and finance, ensuring their internal systems match the excellence the brand is known for. The impact seen by Royale was fantastic, ultimately unlocking further group-wide growth and increases in overall company efficiency.

In addition to improving their back office, Royale love using EliteParks because it helps make the experience easier for their customers too. Their booking experience was made far more attractive to potential customers, through an integrated online portal.

Take a look at their story here!

Choose the Elite option!

It’s clear that once holiday parks try our EliteParks software, they love how it fits around their existing operations and hosts everything essential in one place.

In addition to the classic EliteParks package that holiday park owners love, we also have available standalone EliteFinanceand EliteCRM solutions, again designed for park operators. We know that you might need to cherry pick individual modules based on your business needs. Our industry focused solution portfolio means you get to choose from three Microsoft based market-leading software applications for your finance, operational and marketing teams.

If you’re looking to take the next step in the evolution of your park, get in touch with our expert team, or book a no obligation demo of any of our holiday park solutions.

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