Support Services

The standard* support services shall be provided during normal working hours and shall comprise: 

  • A telephone help desk to provide first-line technical support to users of the supported software;
  • An email address monitored during normal working hours to provide first line technical support to users of the supported software;
  • Provision of a unique identification number for each issue notified to Elite Dynamics and regular updates until resolution;
  • Remote diagnosis and, where possible, correction of faults, more specifically to correct all data and failures of the software to comply with any warranty or term of the agreement (as if such warranty or term continued beyond its expiry date).
  • Installation of maintenance releases on the customer’s equipment and handover to the customer for acceptance testing;
  • Report of current and recent support issues on request from the customer representative;
  • Account meetings to be held between the customer representative, the Account Manager and such support staff as may from time to time be considered appropriate at least once in each contract year at a customer office location and at a time to be agreed between the Customer Representative and the Account Manager, for the purpose of discussing provision of the Services, the achievement of the Service Levels and any other appropriate matters.
  • On request from the customer, training in the use of any functionality in a maintenance release, at charges to be agreed.
Severity Level 1.  Critical 2.  Major 3.  Minor 4.  Minimal 
Response Time 2 hours 4 hours 8 hours 3 days 
Workaround Time 4 hours or less 8 hours or less   
Resolution Time 1 working day 3 working days 10 working days 1 month or by agreement 
Application Problem Definition  Major failure of the operation of the NAV Application affecting a large number of end users in terms of system availability or stability Serious Error / Problem that affects one or more core function in Application System Bug /Non-critical Error that can be tolerated Minor application errors are occurring, but these are not affecting the accuracy of the information displayed to end users. 
Examples System keeps crashing, locking out users, requiring reboots Slow (non-network-related) Performance, Incorrect Postings, Unable to Create Invoice, Serious Data Errors (caused by application or Hosted Environment) Screen showing wrong value, Reporting errors, Non-core Function not available /crashing out Minor spelling or graphical errors that do not affect the display of information within the application 

The customer shall determine the severity level to be associated with each incident.  If Elite Dynamics disagrees with that determination, then the matter will be escalated to the customer’s representative whose decision shall be final. 

 * Please refer to your contract with us to find your exact service level agreement package.